1. Sam22

    Anyone heard about Lyoness?

    I was introduced to Lyoness by a friends few days back and from the upper hand it looks like to pretty good but after having some initial research on the same, I came across some negative reviews about the company as well so right now I am bit confused on whether I should go ahead or now. Anyone...
  2. Samarth 619

    [Complaint] POSSIBLE MASS FRAUD: Ringing Bells: Can anybody confirm anything about it?

    Hey Guys, This year there was a huge hoopla over a Smartphone costing Rs. 251, which experts said must cost around Rs. 4000 normally, from its inputs. Team Digit had reviewed "Ringing Bells Freedom 251" mobile phone which costed Rs. 251 only at launch, and the company also claimed COD for...
  3. A

    Which is the Best Broadband Service in East Delhi ?

    1.fed up with Spectranet as they do not provide monthly bill (required for my company reimbursement) pls tell me other company which provide good plans with good service+low dis connections !! i live in Patparganj
  4. mati17

    Rooted Mobile

    Dear Forum, I want to purchase a new mobile. But i want a company rooted mobile. Is there any available ??? Thanks, Matin
  5. S

    Tv mainly used for pc gaming

    Hello All , This is my post to any forum . and i just want to ask .. is it possible to used any TV as a monitor ... i googled about it but cant find any related answers.. just a bunch of confusing words like INPUT LAG , 120HZ , etc ..please any one suggest only name of TV company and its model...
  6. S

    Good AMC Companies

    Hi guys. I am thinking of building a PC and want to go with a good AMC Company who will assist me in troubling time.I live in Kolkata.Any recommendation for such a company with efficient technical stuff? Please advise. Thanks.
  7. P

    HP G6 2005AX RAM issue

    I have 3 year old HP G6 2005AX. As i know it have 4GB RAM and 1.5GB Graphics but when i checked in Win 7 32bit, resource monitor it show Available: 780MB , Cached: 1052MB , Total: 2809MB , Install: 4096 It is mean Graphics uses memory from installed 4GB RAM? if so than what about 1.5GB RAM...
  8. C

    Need help and Guidance on Stem Cell Preservation

    Hi Folks, I am in this forum since from my school days. I am going to be father in coming few months . I am looking for an reliable Stem Cell Preservation company which I can rely upon. Please share your experiences,like & dislike.
  9. kartikoli

    Extracting details from Linkedin through a given search url

    I have been working with few people to copy paste details from Linkedin and post them on google spreadsheet This is how Its done Now someone told me that this can be done using a script so would like to know if this is possible and if yes can...
  10. Flash

    Activision buys Candy Crush developer for $5.9 billion

    Activision buys Candy Crush developer for $5.9 billion | Windows Central
  11. Cyberghost

    Man dupes Flipkart of Rs 20 lakh

    BENGALURU: Leading e-commerce portal Flipkart was taken for a ride by a Hyderabad youth, who is said to have duped the company for over Rs 20 lakh. The youth, Veera Swamy, 32, of Vanasthalipuram in the city allegedly duped the company by booking orders and returning the goods upon delivery...
  12. Flash

    Flipkart Big Billion Days sale returns on 13-17 Oct!

    Online retailer Flipkart has announced the return of its Big Billion Sale, with discounts and offers on more than 70 products, but only on app. The sale will held between the 13 and 17 October, a press release from the company said. It coincides with the festival season that starts in October...
  13. sygeek

    BSNL Broadband to offer minimum Internet Speed as '2Mbps'

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, so I created a thread. Source Whats the catch you say? FUP of course! And that too a very generous 6GB! We can clearly see how much ahead of time BSNL is. /s I've always said this and will say it again, BSNL is a joke in this country and will always be...
  14. I

    How's LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor

    Hi all, I just found this monitor(LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Price in India - Buy LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Online - and it seems to be a good buy for the specifications. Does anyone here have any experience with it or the company? I'll primarily be using it for reading...
  15. ratul

    Google undergoes a major overhaul, spins out a parent company "Alphabet"

    Official Announcement: Google just announced a major overhaul of its corporate structure. As part of the change, the company that used to be called Google going to become a new holding company called Alphabet. Alphabet includes the following...
  16. S

    PC config for my new Gaming cafe in Mumbai

    I am planning to open a new gaming cafe in Mumbai. The following is the Config I have been offered by a company - CPU - i5 4th Gen GFX - Inno3d Nvidia 750ti 2gb Ram- Zion Gaming series 8gb Mb- Biostar B85. PSU- Antec BP 450 Chasis - Antec x1 HDD- Hitachi. The total cost is coming...
  17. S

    Config for my new gaming cafe in Mumbai

    Hello guys I am planning to open a new gaming cafe in Mumbai. The following is the Config I have been offered by a company - CPU - i5 4th Gen GFX - Inno3d Nvidia 750ti 2gb Ram- Zion Gaming series 8gb Mb- Biostar B85. PSU- Antec BP 450 Chasis - Antec x1 HDD- Hitachi. The total cost...
  18. B

    Looking for: Someone like you! (Senior Developer RoR/Ruby Backend)

    Hi all - Digit Forum :) We are not based in India - but we are global employer and looking for someone like YOU! :) Please feel free to send your resume, or reply on this thread! For more information: Thank you!!! Help shape the next era of...
  19. S

    Have you any experience with PlacementIndia ? Share your reviews

    I am asking this question to know your view about the company. I am a student and currently i am pursuing final year. I am also looking for a job so that i can bear my small expenses. From couple of days i am getting calls from PlacementIndia regarding the job opportunity and they said...
  20. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Flipkart to go Myntra way, shut website by September: Sources

    BENGALURU: When Myntra did it, it was a highly controversial move. But less than two months after the fashion e-tailer switched to an app-only strategy, parent company and India's largest online retailer Flipkart too has decided to morph into an app-only player. The company's chief product...
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