1. K

    Adware,malware and spyware

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 and K7 Total Security. After getting internet connection, the connection continues and after sometime, it disconnects itself and then connects itself automatically. This happens very very often. I am sure that the problem is due to ADWARE, MALWARE, SPYWARE AND THE...
  2. A

    IEMs/Headphones under 2500?

    My trusty ES18 gave away after 1.5 years of abuse. I need to find a successor to it. I've zeroed down on SoundMagic E10/P30 but am wary of them due to their build quality, Cowon EM1, Sennheiser HD 202 II. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  3. D

    urgent..router for home 4bhk

    TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router is my previous router. Can't tell the exact model number but i was not getting range in adjacent room and few other areas due to wall may be. It has gone kaput now and I need one urgent. Suggest one which is stable and good through walls.
  4. S

    [Praise] Good Service by Dell got a S2216H instead of S2240L

    There was a blue line coming on my monitor vertically, had put a RMA request to dell (Mumbai) on the 22nd on Sep, I was told as due to the Ganesh Chaturthi festival they could not arrange a pick up before the 28th, No 1 shows up on the 28th i call dell they tell me due to some technical...
  5. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Hyderabad offers yet another tremendous Speed & Data Bumps! [08-09-2015]

    Looks like all my prayers are now answered. Possibly due to similar plans from Airtel and BSNL. 40Mbps up to 100Gb, 3Mbps post fup for 1050 ;)
  6. D

    CM xornet repair

    A long time after i took my gaming mouse out of bag to see that the dpi switch was damaged. The low dpi button could not be pressed due to some misalignment of spring i think. There is no customer service for India. What should i do. Any chances of repair?
  7. Soumik

    New tablet suggestion required

    Hi, I want to buy a tablet in the next few weeks, and am seriously divided. I was looking for one some time back and then decided that nothing warrants a buy right now. But due to some personal reasons i need to buy one right away. Not finding any format to go by, i'll just put my...
  8. C

    All round multimedia laptop with gaming

    I would like to buy a laptop which i would mainly use for movies.. and for gaming.. would like to be under 80k rs . I do have the following laptops in mind.. Lenovo y510p- dont know if i should get this because the second gpu would be tough and costly to get.. also i heard somewhere that a...
  9. W

    Lenovo y510p vs Dell Inspiron 15R ? (Laptop @ 60K)

    So i'm buying a laptop in the ~60k range and have narrowed it down to Two choices: 1)Lenovo y510p (i5 version) : Ci5 4200M , Graphics card is probably Gt 755M though it might be 750M, FHD screen,Win8 FLIPKART LINK:lenovo-ideapad-y510p-59-389687-laptop-4th-gen-ci5-8gb-1tb-win8-2gb-graph...
  10. masterkd

    TV for approx 15K

    I am planning to buy a TV. Budget: 15000 Screen Type: LED (Preferably, due to low power consumption) Resolution: HD Ready (a little skeptical to FHD due to low numbers of HD channels) Ports: Must have HDMI, Composite and USB I am the below model in my mind. Samsung UA23F4003AR 23 inches LED TV...
  11. S

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bsod error on windows 8

    Guys, i am facing critical issue on my pc due to several days, Every time i formatted my pc,then after sometime it gives a bsod error & restart then pc cant start then windows start screen loading & loading...... I updated all driver & ssd firmware but no result. I collect dmp files & collect...
  12. bukaida

    PC component prices quite high now

    The PC component prices( specially RAM and Hard disk prices) are quite high at this moment. Is there any possibility of reduction by January 2014 ? Is it due to fall of rupee w.r.t Dollar ? What do you guys suggest? Wait or buy it now?
  13. K

    Good speaker suggestion for TV

    Objective is for better voice clarity and volume levels for TV. And may listen to some music (Movie and Indian classical) . Will be connecting to Samsung LCD TV. In the beginning I was considering a budget of 2-3K with 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. I am deaf in one ear so expensive speakers and...
  14. D

    DLinkd 2730u modem+router

    I have purchased DLink DSL 2730u modem +router to connect to BSNL broadband. I have configured the modem with the CD supplied with it. After the setting up I was able to access internet through it. When I shutdown both and restarted some time later Broadband cannot be accessed due to multiple...
  15. Faun

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM Review

    -In Progress- So far, these are my observations as per my personal preference. Will be updating the post with other details throughout this week with C-12. Initial impressions: Reverberation due to wooden enclosure is always a plus point for me. Bass punch is good and stands out in...
  16. shreeux

    Creative inspire 5.1 digital 5700 for equivalent receiver/amp?

    I had creative inspire 5.1 digital 5700 receiver/amp with speakers.few months back receiver/amp IC was busted due high voltage. Service people said we have no IC due model was stopped. For remaining speaker sets i need exact or equivalent or alternative receiver/amp only...Please suggest best...
  17. V

    No gta v for pc ? :(

    I read on a site that gta v won't come for pc due to piracy,is that true?
  18. CommanderShawnzer

    Is my old Monitor salvageable?

    Well,i have an old Hp vp17 monitor my parents had bought this along with my old PC when i was a kid in 2007, unfortunately the rig died in 2008 due to a "virus" attempts to repair it were unsuccessful so it gathered dust in a corner of my house,unused for about 6 years two years ago i tried...
  19. P

    windows8 problem

    why does my screen flicker when sanp app or open app is due to low graphics performence
  20. cacklebolt

    Desktop plan almost scrapped. Need new Laptop 42k

    I was to initially buy a new PC but my dad doesnt want one. He suggests me to get a laptop instead. Please suggest a laptop from the two I liked...
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