1. S

    Rain water harvesting

    ever since south india facing severe drought this summer and when came to metro cities I think you know what's the scenario. In hyd that govt initiated Rain harvesting plans and for that requested every individual to form injection wells at home colonies and they offered water connection...
  2. Nipun

    Xperia L Damaged in rain | Speakers not working properly

    I was enjoying riding my Access in this rain when the mortal enemy of mobile phones entered my Xperia L. The touch, display and storage is fine but the speakers are not working properly. They have lost their volume and are not playing some sounds of music tracks at all. Upon advice from many...
  3. G

    Java script for rain

    i need javascript for rain working condition,i ve searched several site but not found any working. :shock:
  4. C

    PC not running, nor walking and not even working

    I was carrying my PC to my cousins house during rain. When I reach my cousins house the PC was not running. BTW I took the PC in waterproof box covered with plastic, so rain did not enter. From where can I get replacements of these components? PS: Rain water did not enter but a day before I...
  5. dead.night7

    Who was eagerly waiting for rains in Mumbai 2011?

    Apart from this disastrous summer vacation of 2011 of mine it was not so good for me as well as for Japan too. But not just a few weeks ago my back had been burnt just because of walking in the hottest summer afternoon right from my nearest railway station back towards my home. I had to purchase...
  6. jkultimate

    Any one plays RollerCoasterTyccon 3 ?

    I luv roller coaster tycoon 3 game. My luv started as I seen rct 1. Am playing rct3 now, ma question is :- Is there RAIN in rct3? There is rain in rct1 and 2. But till now I am not seeing any rain while gaming. But There is a umbrella shop in game which peeps buy umbrellas. But No rain..!
  7. gauravsuneja

    (help)iphone got some moisture in it due to rain

    iphone got some moisture in it due to rain my brother was travelling by bike when it started raining yesterday he switched it off and kept it in a plastic bag knotted but still some moisture went in when he switched it on all he can see is white screen what do u plz already tried to...
  8. ajayritik

    Best thing to protect cell phone from rain

    Recently I'm having a tough time protecting my cell phone from rain. I end up making it drench in rain water. I have tried to search here in mobile accessories shop but couldnt find anything that can cover the cell phone completely from rain. I found some leather cases but they dont cover the...
  9. praka123

    Frog marriage to please 'rain god'

    Frog marriage to please 'rain god'Udupi, July 16: The Zilla Nagarika Samiti, on Tuesday evening organised a wedding ceremony of frogs, near Service Bus Stand here to please the rain god' From Diana Circle, two frogs were brought to Clock Tower Circle, in a decorated pull cart, in a grand...
  10. windchimes

    Itzz Monsoon

    Hi, I'm in Kerala. Monsoon started here and i believe it'll reach its full fury in the coming days. It is indeed a beauty to watch the rain. But if you need to step out it is a mess. Usually when it rains heavily it looks as if we need boat services on roads . No footpaths or road but...
  11. O

    My phone Nokia 3230 got wet in the rain. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My phone Nokia 3230 got wet in the rain. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever i insert the battery my phone stars to vibrate continiously, :confused: and there is no display even when i try to turn the phone on.:mad: So i have removed the Battery, Sim and the Memory Card. I could not remove anythig...
  12. R

    Screen short of NFS BLACK EDITION.

    1.Loding 2.Main menu 3.Message(sms) 4.Race events 5.Flyoff 6.Distance shower between us and the follwer with these u have RAIN DURING THE PALY ETC....
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