1. J

    Moisture problem on GPU, Proc and other parts during monsoon

    Hey Guys...does anyone have solution for moisture problem which tend to arise during monsoon season ?? I remember one of my friend had had one CM cabinet with 3 would still increase the temperature within the cabinet and give a red indicator in the temp section on the graphics card +...
  2. A

    desktop not starting.

    I shut down my computer properly yesterday night. in morning, when i try to switch it on, the power LED on motherboard LITS up ( meaning power reaching mobo i guess) but when i press Switch-On button of Cabinet, nothing happens. Observations:- I stay bang opposite to sea in mumbai, and with...
  3. gauravsuneja

    (help)iphone got some moisture in it due to rain

    iphone got some moisture in it due to rain my brother was travelling by bike when it started raining yesterday he switched it off and kept it in a plastic bag knotted but still some moisture went in when he switched it on all he can see is white screen what do u plz already tried to...
  4. Zangetsu

    Monitor Moisture

    From last week whenever i boot up the monitor screen is black & it takes 5-10mins 2 come to the normal view....bcoz of moisture....??? :mad: how do i get rid of dat....shud i keep a silica gel near monitor or some other solution is there ?? :(
  5. tango_cash

    i think i have a solution for moisture problem!!!!

    hi i think i have a solution for moisture problem.remember those small packets that u get in shoe boxes and other such boxes it is some silica gel thing and it is supposed to prevent what if we keep a packet or two in our cabinets.what do u think?
  6. tango_cash

    Can moisture destroy my p.c????

    hi i have intel 2.8gz(hyperthreading) processor and intel 915 gav orignal motherboard,512 m.b ram,80 gb sata segate hdd.i have an intex cabinet and a colorsit power supply(model no 300u-fne) which has a rating of 400w switching power. my p.c makes a lot of noise,so i have removed the side...
  7. C

    How To Protect Ur Mobile Phones In Monsoon??

    Guys I Really Wanna Know How To Protect Ur Mobiles In Monsoon Or To Protect It Form Moisture..... As I Have Heard That Mobiles Become Useless In Monsoon Or In Moisture Winds....... How To Protect It ?? Does Battry Life Is Also Affected ?? Help Me Help
  8. A

    Monitor Remains Blank After Startup

    I got this strange problem... My PC was working perfectly fine one minute and then suddenly the monitor screen went blank...I restarted the system and even after that the monitor remains blank..The CPU and the printer and all other pripherals get switched on...The little green light in front...
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