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Wise Old Owl
I recently purchased Western Digital WD10EARX 1TB Hard Drive. My Mobo is pretty old (Intel DG31PR) but after making sure that a SATA 3 Drive would work on it, I made the purchase. Now according to the instructions mentioned on WD's site I used a jumper pin to slow down its speed as well.

The drive does get detected but when I try to initialise it via diskmgmt.msc I get the following error:

"The Request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." I get the same error even if I don't use any jumper setting and use the drive at its default setting.

What can be the problem area?


Lost in speed
Try switching the power/data cords from DVD-Drive to HDD, and test.
Happened to me once, but later found out that my Power cord was broken!


BMG ftw!!
Use ACHI mode while installing that HDD in BIOS.
If problem persist after that, contact WD helpdesk.


Wise Old Owl
And how to do that?

I used WD LifeGuard Diagnostics Tool today and it failed all the tests.



In the zone
Too many bad sectors detected. Looks like you received a bad one. Same thing happened to me when I was building my new rig from scratch last year. I took it back to the shop and exchanged it. You should do the same, no need to RMA it if its less than a week old.


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some time this could happen due to bad sata cable/sata port - use some different cable/port but in Op's case the HDD is the culprit here for sure.
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