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sata 2.0

  1. Chetan1991

    Cheapest reliable 120 GB SSD for laptop with SATA II

    I have a query. I want to put an SSD inside my 5 year old Inspiron laptop (via ODD caddy), but it only supports SATA II. So which are the cheapest (and reliable) 120 GB and 64 GB SSD's quick enough to saturate SATA II? There's no point in buying the quickest SSDs since SATA II will be a...
  2. N

    HD Not working

    I recently purchased Western Digital WD10EARX 1TB Hard Drive. My Mobo is pretty old (Intel DG31PR) but after making sure that a SATA 3 Drive would work on it, I made the purchase. Now according to the instructions mentioned on WD's site I used a jumper pin to slow down its speed as well. The...
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