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hard drive

  1. A

    Hard-Disk Problems!

    Hey everybody! Apparently, my hard-disk is damaged and has to be repaired or replaced, as it is allowing any new OS to be installed on either the empty and formatted C, E drives, and is making a whirring sound. I've some important data on my D drive, which needs to be salvaged at any...
  2. RBX

    Laptop Hard Drive Prices

    I have a Dell XPS 15 and my current hard drive could fail any day (I believe it was originally faulty, didn't bother to ask Dell support in time). I need a replacement, and would like a 1 TB. Flipkart lists a WD 1TB at Rs. 5375; my friend checked a local dealer for Seagate HDD at Rs 4600. I...
  3. S

    2Tb Internal HDD Advice...Seagate or WD Green or Toshiba ?

    I'm about to buy 2Tb Internal Hard drive but i'm very much confused between Seagate,WD Green and Toshiba.All 3 have very good reviews... My Purpose is mainly storing Huge data and i'm looking for realiable Drive with good support and warranty...
  4. N

    HD Not working

    I recently purchased Western Digital WD10EARX 1TB Hard Drive. My Mobo is pretty old (Intel DG31PR) but after making sure that a SATA 3 Drive would work on it, I made the purchase. Now according to the instructions mentioned on WD's site I used a jumper pin to slow down its speed as well. The...
  5. A

    How to clone entire HDD with partitions to another one?

    I want to prepare a few machines with identical hardware. All the hard drives are formatted. Can I just install all the softwares (os-Vista Business 32, MS Office 2010 and other stuff like AV,Media Players, Acrobat reader, DVD burner, ZIP utikity etc.) on one machine and then copy it to other by...
  6. deepakgates

    Hard Drive making weird sound!!

    ive bought this Seagate Expansion External Drive 1 TB last year, but now its making a weird sound and then stops. is this repairable and what could be the problem. Here is the link to sound it makes Record001.mp3
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