Guys help me out with this PSU

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am getting a x1950GT Agp card for my comp
it says u need 30A on +12v rail

But some forum guys specified 26A is enough

Please plz suggest me a PSU which gives out 26A on +12v a cheaper ones i dont wanna go for Antec/Cooler Master already i ve burned my pocket

400W+ meanwhile ..... plzzzzzzzzz


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Colorsit 440watt SMPS

Its the cheapest one and reliable. Comes around 700-800 bucks


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What is ur budget? don't go for cheap stuff. only good branded psus will give you decent amps on 12V rails. I suggest you go for coller master 600W extreme power. It costs around 3.2K. or else go for zebronics platinum series. Though it's not very reliable :cool:
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