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graphics card around 7k(max settings @ 1366*768)

My system configuration is
motherboard : asus m2a vm
processor : amd sempron 3400+
ram : 1 gb ddr2 @ 667 mhz
hdd : samsung 161 jj ( 2X160 GB IN RAID 0 )
monitor : runs at 1366x768
PSU : 450 W ( unkown brand shopkeeper gave it in exchange for my
old PSU when i upgraded)

1. graphics card should be able to run upcoming games at full settings(x2 aa
not necessary though ) at the monitors resolution.
2. budget for graphics card around 7k
3. i shortlisted 6770 and 5770 ( whichever is better for the required )
4. ocassional multimonitor gaming at any playable settings.


have to buy before 18nth of this month


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I will suggest you the 6770 for 7.1K+tax; but u really should be getting an upgrade of ur Power Supply if u want to run the Graphics Card. Atleast get
FSP Saga 500 W
Corsair CX 400 W


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processor & ram is too slow. upgrade them along with GPU. & yes anything over HD5670/6670 & you must get a good 400W or higher PSU.

if you are ready to spend on processor & ram also post total budget.
yes i will buy fsp saga 2 500 w . is 6770 better in gaming performance than 5770, on hw compare 5770 has more memory performance.what is the real world performance.also suggest me processor and ram as well.

i want to spend the minimum on processor ans ram so that gpu doesnt get bottlenecked


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no difference in gaming performance. grab whichever you find cheaper or with some aftermarket cooler.

for proccy, Athlon II X4 635/640 & add another 2Gb DDR2 stick.


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Your Semrpon processor actually doesn't satisfy the minimum criteria of any of the current games, leave the upcoming games.

Your motherboard supports all the Athlon II and Phenom II processors with 95W TDP. So get a Athlon II X3 445 @ 3.5K which is good to handle the current graphics card as well as to fulfill the modern games' requirement. For ram add another 2 GB stick @ 1.4K
so will the trio athlonII X3 445, saphire 6770 flex edition and 3 GB ram at 800 mhz (or should i consider 4 GB in duall chanell mode) run all the current and upcoming titles at MAX POSSIBLE SETTINGS at 1366x768.

cpu and gpu or any other component will run at their full power i mean will there be any bottlenecking.


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Consider 4gb in dual channel. With a Athlon II X3 and a 6770 you can play most of the games at highest settings without AA at 13x7 res.

A X3 should not bottleneck a 6770.

First of all change your PSU.
athlon II X3 445 is am3 based while my mobo is made for am2cpus. official site writes i will not be able to use full am3 features.will there be any performance loss in gaming or other apps.please explain in detail.

how is the memory speed of 6770 less than 5770 on "hw compare" if the hardware is similar.


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well dude, the benchmarks and tests used in hwcompare doesn't come near to any real world tests by other experts. There wont be any difference in gaming. Grab a 6770 if you are really hype abt new series .

Get the MSI HD 5770. HD 6770 just has HD3D and Bluray3D support for 3D LCD Tvs (not monitor). So unless you are planning to spend another 80K -100K to get a 3D TV, HD 6770 is basically as good as HD 5770. Get the MSI one which has better cooler, like MSI Cyclone HD 5770.
please answer the proccy related ques. 6770 can suppprt 3 monitors (all of them with dvi connection without display port). i would use that feature.


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If you buy the flex edition only then. You will be OK with the proccy.
for gfx card 7k and i can buy athlon II X3 445(i will get the money for ram and proccy but not for gfx card)

suggest a brand for ram compatible with the mobo,cpu and gpu alpng with frequency and model no.


Upgrade your PROCESSOR and POWERSUPPLY first.
Upgrade it to at least AMD athlon ii x3 450 @ 3.0ghz or Intel core 2 duo e7500...
And upgrade the gpu to HD 6670 around 7k.
AND u should get a 500 watt PS.


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First mention if you can increase your budget. You need 4 things: CPU, RAM, PSU and GFX. So think accordingly.
so i have settled for

1. athlon II X3 445
2. saphire radeon hd 6770 flex edition
3. kingston 4 GB (2x2GB in dual chanell)
4. fsp saga II 500 w

is this configuration perfect for my requirement ( i.e. gaming upcoming games at full settings at 1366x768 resolution ) and budget


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Yeah, if possible get Corsair XMS2 RAM. I think the Kingston ones are value RAMs. Otherwise its good and you can game at your res at high settings. No problems. :)
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