1. H

    csr classics on android help

    I want to win the boss car but everytime after 3rd boss race it says buy super nitros. I dont have any credit card. I have fully upgraded my skyline Can i race the boss without buying super nitro Tab 2 p3100
  2. J

    opera mini java download folder

    I have opera mini java, on samsung gravity 3, bell network. I was able to download files ...but when I upgraded to v8035 I was unable to download. It says download failed...please try again. All it lets me do is open download field, but there is no option to choose download location. I have...
  3. Raaabo

    Forum Updated 5/2/2014

    Please report any errors you come across here. Some avatars might be missing, hopefully not. :) The blogs and CMS are for later use, we've upgraded to the vbulletin suite to try and improve your experience, but it's a work in progress.
  4. Knight2A4

    Dual RCA Adaptor to switch b/w dvd & dth

    Hi guys, My Uncle had a 29" CRT TV that went kaput Its picture tube had gone bad the tv repair guy advised him to buy a new TV but he had an old 21" with him from which he had upgraded to the 29 inc-her. Now it lacked RCA input it only had antenna input which was by old standard for TV...
  5. swatkats

    Beam Fiber New plans (60% More FUP); Up to 50mbps Speeds

    Update: FUP now includes both downloads and uploads. Beam Upgraded Speeds on its Present plans yet again. 60% more FUP is being offered on Plans above 999 . Plans applicable from Today! - 1660 Plan is Discontinued and users on that plan have been upgraded to 25mbps will be Getting extra 30Gb...
  6. maverick786us

    Upgrading Galaxy S2

    Yesterday I tried upgrading my Wife's Galaxy S2, who is still using old Gingerbread. Twince it happened, that it download 218 MB, restarted and then dispalyed error message "Failed to upgrade firemware, either use Samsung Kies or contact service center". Can someone help me in resolving this...
  7. R

    PC display problems

    Hi frnds,my rig is: i5 3570k Gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h 2gb ddr3 @1333 Seasonic s12ii 620w Sapphire 7970 Seagate barracuda 160gb @7200 Samsung syncmaster 19 inch I upgraded some of the components of my system this month like the cpu,mobo,ram,psu and gpu.The rest is gonna be upgraded in coming days...
  8. deepak_ds

    upgrading my laptop

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-6155tx notebook. I want to upgrade its processor. I want to know whether it can be upgraded or not. If yes then I would probably upgrade with an 3rd gen i5 processor.
  9. nvrmndryo

    how can i downgrade my galaxy note from Ics to gingerbread?

    hi , i recenty upgraded my samsung galaxy note's Os from Gingerbread to Ics via Samsung Keis.I didnt use customs Roms n all (I dont have any idea about them).Since I have upgraded to Ics my phone is having lag n it hangs too.I dont like Ics , so i want to back to gingerbread which was so smooth...
  10. abhijit_reddevil

    Problem with Crysis 2

    Hello, I have a peculiar problem with Crysis 2, don't know if anyone faced this as well. Thing is, I have successfully upgraded to patch 1.9, and installed the DX11 ultra patch and the HD texture pack. Whenever I try to load a saved game, it crashes to the desktop. I created a new profile and...
  11. socrates

    Upgraded version of Aakash tab expected in February 2012, same price

    Upgraded version of Aakash tab expected in February 2012, same price
  12. sanithkk81

    310-065 => 1z0-085 ???

    I would like to know whether SCJP 1.6 310-065 exam has been upgraded to OCJP 1Z0-085 (But there are no changes in syllabus it seems)?:shock: For this upgraded exam whether question pattern has been changed?:? I have got dumps for SCJP 1.6, but can I use the same for OCJP ?:-|
  13. C

    graphics card around 7k(max settings @ 1366*768)

    My system configuration is motherboard : asus m2a vm processor : amd sempron 3400+ ram : 1 gb ddr2 @ 667 mhz hdd : samsung 161 jj ( 2X160 GB IN RAID 0 ) monitor : runs at 1366x768 PSU : 450 W ( unkown brand shopkeeper gave it in exchange for...
  14. kartikoli

    GPU in range of 3~3.5k for light gaming

    i need a graphic card for very light gaming in range of 3k~3.5k [lover will be better] this will be teamed up with CM Extreme power plus 550W [was using same SMPS with my 9800GT .... upgraded both and this old CM comes in this PC] i will use this with 22' monitor for occasional gaming...
  15. sygeek

    [WARNING] Nomophobics Beware A Complete List of Other Things As Cancer-y As Cellphone

    If you are a nomophobic who usually tries to avoid cell phone because it can cause cancer, well then you might wanna avoid these too.. The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer now considers cellphones usage to be a possible, or "Class 2B," carcinogen. Here's...
  16. M

    New PC Configuration

    Hi, I have upgraded my PC. The configuration is :- Processor: Intel I5-760 processor 2.8 MHz 8 MB Cache RAM: corsair 4 GB 1333 MHZ single stick Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-S2 Graphics Card: MSI N210-MD1G/D3 Only this is upgraded. Please let me if motherbaord is ok with this. I am...
  17. V

    upgrading to windows 7

    I didn't know where to post this --- I had sent a mail to agent001 but didn't get any reply so I'm posting this here -- Last month I got the HP Mini 1001TU as a gift from my uncle. It came with Windows Xp home edition, I have Windows 7 on my desktop PC and like it very much. After using...
  18. ajayashish

    1gb DDR2 667Mhz Ram

    1. *Model number and details: Dynet 1gb DDR2 667Mhz Ram 2. Date of purchase: 3 months old 3. Reason for sale: My friend has upgraded to 4gb Ram 4. Warranty details: Manufacture is giving 1 yr warranty 5. *Expected Price: Rs650 6. *Location of Seller: Bangalore preffered. Others also welcome 7...
  19. F

    Need help buying 700 $ PC (Rs ~30,000)

    My friend needs a PC for under 700 dollars. (Rs ~30,000) I thought of getting him this setup : How is this motherboard? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131595 EDIT : He decided on going for a Radeon 4670 512 MB. We both agreed that the rig can be upgraded at a...
  20. blackpearl

    Has BSNL upgraded 256kbps unlimited to 512 kbps?

    Seems like they have. Today I noticed my 256kbps unlimited line automatically upgraded to 512kbps. Here is my report. This is no official announcement yet, but others have noticed similar changes. What's up guys?
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