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graphics card around 7k(max settings @ 1366*768)


laborare est orare
Skud, corsiar XMS2 rams are very costly now a days, costlier than their XMS3 counter parts. So Kingston Value rams will just do fine.


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What's the price difference? I have no idea. If it is huge, then better to stick with the Kingston.


laborare est orare
^^It is huge. XMS2 2 GB modules are priced more than 4K and the 2X2 GB kit price is around 8K


laborare est orare
Skud, thanks buddy for the price. That techsop.in is basically idiot and posted the price over there.
Actually there is two models of XMS for every type of ram. Currently what we get @ 2.4K is the cheap version of the XMS3 4 GB model with just above average cooler whereas there are other two models of XMS3 with more overclocking potential and much better cooler.
The Corsair XMS3 DHX 2X2 GB DDR3 module will cost you 5K, twice the price of standard XMS3.

Here is the image. look at the physical difference.

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