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Processor------intel core 2 Duo CPU E7400 @2.80GHz
Memory--------DDR2 {3GB}
Motherboard---Intel® Desktop Board DG41RQ
PCI SLOT------PCI Express x16 v2.0
DISPLY MODE---1360*768
HDD------------320 GB

please suggest me some good performing graphic card under Rs.5000-Rs 8000


laborare est orare
All the PCI-E versions are backward compatible with older versions and HD 7770 will work fine in your Motherboard.
regarding price, I guess you are getting that 10K price from Flipkart which is overpriced for most of the computer components. Check here: MSI GRAPHICS CARD HD 7770 1GB DDR5


having a branded PSU doesn't mater it should supply required power need by the graphic card.......either it is intex , frontech etc.

and +1 to tg's suggestion.. HD 7770 is available for around ~8k locally.. if ur budget doesnt permit it, upgrade ur PSU (Antec VP450, Corsair VS450, CX430v2) and save abit more


HD 7770 - ~8k
GTX 650/HD 7750 - 6.5k (Go for GTX 650 if u can find)
Antec VP450 - 2.7k
Corsair CX430v2 - 2.7k (buy from Flipkart ONLY)
Corsair VS450 - 2.5k (Try and avoid if u can, altho i own one myself and its working flawlessly)
Seasonic 430w - ?? (No idea about price, wait for others to reply)

While selecting a brand, Keep RMA and Service center as FIRST PRIORITY.. I REPEAT FIRST PRIORITY
Generally ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire provide good warranty


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having a branded PSU doesn't mater it should supply required power need by the graphic card.......either it is intex , frontech etc.

You can't count on Intex/Frontech as good PSU manufactures .. if you do then what's the difference they have with brands like Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, InWin etc. - read a couple of reviews or articles and you'll get the idea.

dude ur suggested Graphic cards requires PCIe x16 of ver 3.0 and is comes with a price tag of approx Rs10,000

I suggest you to do a little market research ;-)


laborare est orare
Why? What we suggest is the best thing at your budget, we don't provide a list of all available cards. The suggestion is given and now it is up to you if uyou want to buy it or not. If not then get whatever you think is better.


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@op 7770 is the best card with your budget, that 10K price is a huge ripoff it's easily available aroud 7.6K - 8K. Search local market or buy from MDComputers.


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Well, I think its fair.. My pc with i5 2500K, P8p67 and GTX 560, 2 HDD consumes around 250-270W from wall.. :) It's acceptable.

yep, it's fair but Op thinks Frontec and Intex psus as good psu .. that's why, anyway, if Op can get a new "good and branded" psu he should grab the deal.


Since your monitor is 1366x768 resolution only, you can get the Sapphire 6670 1GB DDR5 and a Corsair VS450, all within 7.5k
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