1. C

    Laptop for graphic designer under 50k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Under 50k. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15.6". Willing to consider smaller sizes if the specs are better. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Graphic design mostly -...
  2. A

    Graphic card needed below 17K

    1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work? (Name few Games or applications are you going to run) Ans:Witcher 3, Main work will be for Mari 3.0, Zbrush and Maya 2. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans:Antec VP 450...
  3. billamama

    Recommend A Budget Gpu for Graphic Design and Video Editing Works

    *** Graphic Card Buying Advice TEMPLATE *** 1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work? Ans: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After effects CC, Corel Draw X7 or X8, Video Editing, 3d rendering (3ds max, Blender, Maya), Graphic Design, Photo...
  4. S

    Need Help in selecting a graphic card

    Alright, So I'm in bit of a situation here. My current specs are: Intel i3 2120 (I know, not the best choice) Asus Nividia GeForce 210 1Gb DDR3 WD 1TB Hdd 4GB Ram Intel DH16WW Motherboard And the power supply is the default one that I got with my cabinet. It's not very powerful. So I only...
  5. A


    Can you say me what are the benefits of Graphic Cards
  6. Ronnie012

    Need an assembled Pc. Budget~30k

    Guys i need an assembled pc at 30 k budget range. Should be able to handle few 2016 - 2017 games at medium(or low ) settings should have a decent processor to handle Photoshop and other graphic softwares. P.s. I have never owned a desktop before nor assembled one. So is it advisable to go for...
  7. nac

    Dual monitor - Help

    Planning to add a second monitor, S2216H to my existing rig (check my signature). This is for work purpose, not for gaming. The most graphic intensive thing I would do is watching videos and image editing. My motherboard (I have no dedicated graphic card), does support only one monitor. To use...
  8. S

    Graphic card for gaming

    1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work? (Name few Games or applications are you going to run) Ans:Gaming 2. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Saga 500 watt 3. What is your Max budget ? Ans:16-18...
  9. B

    Suggestion for buying gaming laptop

    Hi guys. I am a computer student with a passion for gaming and animation. Recently I was about to buy the ASUS ROG GL552VW-CN426T. it has a Nvidia gtx 960m with 4gb of vram. But then i saw that the new nvidia notebook series pascal graphic cards have been released and they are far superior then...
  10. C

    Can laptop share screen without graphic card?

    Hello there, I recently bought a second hand Lenovo T410 which is suppose to have a inbuilt graphic card. But when I checked the system after purchase :( I found the system had no? graphic card installed. Screenshot attached. I'm confused. The reason for the post is, the laptop comes...
  11. BakBob

    RX480 and Polaris Thread

    AMD unveiled RX480 for $199. Even with our 9024% taxes it should be 20k graphic card that has same performance as a 980 (55k card). What do you think?
  12. B

    My Dual Monitor setup not working :(

    Since this morning, I tired of this setup. I have 2 AOC monitor without HD, one is LED and other is LCD. Graphic card is HD6300. Now while i am trying to connect my LCD monitor to my graphic card DVI-D port through DVI-D To VGA Adapter, it is not working, not showing anything, monitor keep...
  13. V

    Heating issue Sapphire HD 7750

    Dear Friends For past few days i was facing issues with my display, suddenly the display was going off and coming back, an error was coming "AMD display driver failed and recovered back". I updated the display drivers to latest version but no luck. Yesterday suddenly the system went off itself...
  14. C

    Need Help

    Hello Guys, i need ur expert advice. i have a computer aprox 4 years old. config is cour 2 du Processor 4 GB ram DDR2 (2 GB x2) 1 GB graphic card Sapphire graphic card 9800gt gigabyte mother board g41 Combo and 500 GB hard Disk my main problem is my display is disappear now a days. i take...
  15. savithk

    Need help for Graphic Card

    hi guys i need your suggestion iam i want change my current graphic card ASUS - EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 have some serious problems EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global this card is not running properly some time card is not detected from ASUS - M4N68T-M V2 Motherboard...
  16. mati17

    Graphic Designer Courses

    Dear Forum I want to become a Graphic Designer. These days I am learning CorelDRAW. I want to know : What other softwares (Like InDesign, Photoshop, etc.) should I Learn to become Graphic Designer. Please suggest..... Thanks !!!
  17. O

    Small CPU case. Mini...micro...ATX...HELP!

    Hi. I have a conventional computer: Quad Core 2.33GHz / 1 GB RAM Graphic Card (add'l) / 4 GB RAM / 500 GB HD / DVD Writer. And now I wanna place it all in a Small Form Factor CPU case. I've gone to the usual culprits (Flipkart, Amazon, ebay) and found a few but end up doubting if the motherboard...
  18. V

    Plz suggest a Graphic card and psu

    I am planning to upgrade my GPU for 15-20k. My requirement is 1920X1080 gaming with very high details. Planning to buy in 1-2 days. Here is my pc configuration: PROCESSOR i5 3450 MOBO gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h RAM Corsair 8gb vengeance PSU cooler master extreme 600W...
  19. D

    Lenovo G50-70 7110 experience

    I bought Lenovo G50-70 7110 without any research. Now i found out that AMD graphic in this laptop is of no use. Even the Intel HD 4400 Graphic is better than that. So if you are buying it for normal use then ok, but don't buy it because of AMD graphic. Better to go for laptop without dedicated...
  20. R

    Graphic card for 4 displays?

    as the title suggests im looking for a graphic card setup to power 4 displays. one of the displays is a 32 inch TV with HDMI input. it is supposed to replicate one of the monitors. the pc wont be used for gaming or any graphic intense task, just some office work, web browsing and video playback...
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