1. Vyom

    Life without Mobiles....

    So after we pondered what would have been life, if not without computers... lets discuss this.. What would we do.. if we didn't have mobiles these days! I know few people who still dont like smartphones (calling gameranand).
  2. N

    Setting up a LAN Gaming Center. Need advice !!

    Hello, This is the first time posting here at Digit Forums, so I do not know under which section to post this. I am planning to open a Gaming Center/Cafe in my locality (HYD), and have a few questions/doubts regarding it. Below are the questions. And reply or advice is welcome. >...
  3. rhyansy

    20162H MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure

    Theitdepot SMC International Acro Engineering Company MD Computers Ankit Infotech Shweta Computers Earth Syscom Mega It Store Monarch Infotech Supreme the It MALL Bardroy Infotech PVT. LTD. Gamesngadgets Multiple Computech Oasis India E Network Flipkart Amazon India Paytm
  4. TechnoBOY

    U.S. Supreme Court allows the FBI to Hack any Computer in the World

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can now Hack your computers anywhere, anytime. The FBI appeared to have been granted powers to hack any computer legally across the country, and perhaps anywhere in the world, with just a single search warrant authorized by any United States judge...
  5. E

    Career options for a computer and mobile troubleshooter

    Hey Guys I am asking this on my friend's brother behalf.Hopefully he will be completing his 12th this year.He is good at problem solving and have a deep interest in computers and mobiles.He has very good knowledge of softwares and can almost any software problem whether it is of mobile or...
  6. B

    Canon LBP 2900B networking

    Hi Guys, How to connect Canon LBP 2900B printer to print via different computers? Different computers will be using different windows versions. Thanks
  7. T

    Rant about slowdown in computer hardware in India.

    Hi, Around 4-5 years ago we had just came out of the DOS era.I started reading digit around 2003.At that time most of the people were running Pentium 3 computers or Pentium 4 computers with 128 MB Ram if they were lucky. These computers cost around 30k - 40k at that time.Laptops were...
  8. isenberg

    How to increase my knowledge about computers

    Hi, I have just taken admission into engineering college.... but there's nothing much interesting in the cse syllabus... what I want to know is how do I increase my REAL computer knowledge... like how do I know about how websites work, how do I learn about programming, how do I learn about dbms...
  9. ramakanta

    Radmin-Remote control - Alternative

    Is there any open source (freeware)or paid Remote control software Like Radmin. Need remote access to network computers and servers over a LAN Like Radmin. thank you
  10. A

    Should I buy form Golchha (

    I saw very good prices at . Is this trustworthy? Any reviews? I stay in Pune. SAPPHIRE R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 OC 2x DVI - Golchha Computers Asus- R7260X-DC2-2GD5 - Golchha Computers Intel® Core? i5-4460 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) - Golchha Computers Asus...
  11. B

    Is there a way I can find out as to which PC is making the most downloads on my network?

    I am using the 4G LTE Router -Huawei E5186. I have a small network of 5 computers only. However one of these computers is using my internet data very heavily. I have tried to look for obvious programs like utorrent but I cant find any. I have also checked the antivirus software and it is all...
  12. mikael_schiffer

    Anti-virus for college office without internet connection

    Our department in the university is forever plagued with virus, so much that even we students are afraid to take notes,data,files etc from the department computers. They often do a cleanup but some one from outside will come and infect the entire computer systems again. So the main M.R guy...
  13. Chetan1991

    Need sturdy and upgradable computers for <14k each

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Running several web browsers Adobe Flash CS6 (not player)...
  14. small_yet_big

    Need suggestion on which brand R9 270 to buy

    I am thinking of going for R9 270 as my next GPU. But i am confused on which brand to go with. I checked in with MD computers and Vedant in Kolkata here. Vedant have HIS which is newly launched here while MD computers have HIS, ASUS and SAPPHIRE. HIS is of the lowest price, ASUS the highest...
  15. ACidBaseD

    Gaming vs Knowledge/Studies and how to balance? [Graphics card opinion]

    I'm 17 years old and currently in First Year Computer Engineering. I really like gaming and computers both. I know basics of C++ , Data structures , OOPS and have ordered "Head First Java" and "SCJP" both by Kathy Sierra to learn Java. I have my whole pc built [i5 Haswell 4570 + 8Gb ram ]...
  16. topgear

    Intel finds Asian pollution makes computers sick, too

    A matter of grave concern ! ...... Source : Intel finds Asian pollution makes computers sick, too |
  17. Harsh Pranami

    Downloading a single file in multiple parts,each on different computers.

    Is it possible? Can I download a single file, let's say a 1gb file in two parts 500mb each, with each being downloaded on two different computers. And merge them somehow after the download. Most of the download managers do this but on the same computer. Is there any download manager that allows...
  18. funskar

    Amazon India now sells computers and accessories now sells computers and accessories:mrgreen: Amazon, the online retail giant, has launched a dedicated computers and accessories store for customers in India. Indian customers will now have the option of shopping across over 7,000 products spanning more than 180 brands on the...
  19. T

    How many hours do you spend on Computers daily? Are you Addicted?

    By computers I mean everything: Desktops,Laptops,Smartphone,PlayStation,X-Box. But not TV. I spend about 12-16 Hours on a daily basis doing nothing. If it harms you/stops you from doing work then you can call it an Addiction. I can confess that I am addicted to it.
  20. R

    need to set up a large network, need help

    okay, so the scenario is something like this... my dad owns a hospital and wants me to fix a severe networking problem as he can't find any professional who can do it for him. the current setup is some thing like this: - there are three floors, the bottom two have a lot of walls and computers...
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