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  1. masterkd

    32 inch TV for approx 30 k

    My dad's 15 years old TV is dead now. So we are planning to get a new one. Please suggest some for approx 30 k. Please note online purchase is not an option as he lives in a small town and service availability it's poor there. So have to go local.
  2. H

    [HELP] Video Promotion strategies

    Hi Guys.. Need your help. I have taken up a social media marketing class, in which i had to make a viral video as the class project. I have made the video and uploaded to youtube. With the tagline “Blackouts Zaroori hai!”, the video takes a satirical look at the power blackout situation in...
  3. thatsashok

    Free online classes

    Stanford University, one of if not the most prestigious in the world, launched a few websites which will give free online classes for those who want. You must signup! They begin in February and March but some of them have been delayed so HURRY UP! You will not get diplomas, manuals, etc...
  4. ritvij

    voadfone messages not delivered

    i have a vodafone prepaid sim connection with id and a blackberry curve 3g phone. my problem is that my local texts are getting delivered but my "so called" sis :wink: ain't gettin any of them.. i can receive her texts but she can't... hers is a bsnl no. because of this i have to call her every...
  5. K

    Girls only

    Gadgets like Smart Phones, iPads and many others rule lives today. A question for GIRLS : Has any of these Gadgets brought good or bad to you ? your life ? Has it changed your lives for better or for worse ? I believe many of the so called surveys are BUNKUM, hence this direct question to...
  6. Zangetsu

    Happy Diwali to All Digitians...

    Dear All, I wish a prosperous & Happy Diwali to all digitians & members of thinkdigit May this Diwali bring new light & success to our lives.....
  7. Baker

    Time to remember our real heroes

    It is 10th anniversary of KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS , ten years back 26th JULY, 1999 we captured our last hill from Pakistan , by fighting against uncivilized pakistani soldiers who tortured and killed indian pows . But... we lost some of our most valuable, great, brave, warrior...
  8. A

    Blogger sells his blog for $15 million

    Read more at http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008/10/07/size-doesnt-always-matter-authority-does So is that bank sick ..?

    Man Falls 47 Stories...and LIVES

    I dont even know what to say. Just watch it. Source
  10. Batistabomb

    Say Happy Diwali

    my friends happy diwali to all of you,i pray this diwali must ligthen your lives
  11. Drizzling Blur

    Been Googled Huh ????

    Google the dream of Entrepreneurs and the wish of the followers, the first name on the finger tips of any net savvy guy which promises to end the trouble of inquisitiveness. Google the company every other company want to be, but sadly Google is the biggest curse of the century. Have you ever...
  12. azzu

    Want Vista

    Hi my frnd has appropriate hardware requirements for vista but he dont a internet connection so, he wants a full trail of windows vista (DVD) is this possible.if yes where can he get it i mean any MAGzine ......he lives in A.P(andhra pradesh) eluru for me UBUNTU is best And...
  13. int86

    buying XP

    My freind runs a cafe and want to buy Xp for himself. What are the choices for him. And wher to buy. He lives in jharkhand and lives in a small town.
  14. A

    GeForce4 Ti4400 for Sale

    Hi, I got a ASUS GeForce4 Ti4400. It has 2.5 years of warranty from Zeta. Complete with box, game and software CDs, bill, proof of purchase, manuals etc. It is in perfect condition, not much used. 275 core and 550 RAM (DDR). Purpe PCB and Silver heatsink with fan. Runs cool. Price Rs...
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