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Ganguly, Dravid dropped from Tri ODI

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Rockin g33k
Ganguly and dravid have been shockingly dropped from the tri series odi against srilanka and the aussies...Wiht dravid hes nt been in good touch..its understandable..but with ganguly..scoring more then 2500 runs last year and also scoring the highest runs fr india in the frst test and dual fifties in both innings..in fact he is the highest run scorer in the world last year adding tests and odis together..

His omission is beyond all logic...

This is a real shocker...best of luck India..hope this helps...
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Ambassador of Buzz
This sux man, absolutely SUX!!!!! WTF were the selectors thinking????
How can they axe Dada????? Look his 2007 record... S/R of 77, Average of 45!!
Holy Crap!


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For Dravid, I can understand. He isn't in good form in One Dayers...but Ganguly!!! I am surprised that he had been averaging 40++ last year as an opening batsman and they dropped him. WTF!!!!!!!


gift to aussies i guess, ganguly , what a player and a good human being.. he donated some 10 lakhs to a family some days ago..

well for cricket indian selection sucks..


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when i first heard on NDTV that ganguly may be dropped, i thought it was another media rumour. But when they announced it, i was like shocked. you cant test youngsters against australia. it does not makes sense.


The Frozen Nova
Yeh, I got the wrong news earlier. Agree with Shantanu, dropping Ganguly at this time is a boon for Aussies..


This decision is unbelievable… BCCI said as follows….

"The emphasis was on fielding abilities and they wanted a young fielding side for the series. That's why you see a lot of youngsters in the side."

</SPAN>But it is not acceptable….:evil:


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'Young Fielders' saved 2-3 ODD boundaries in an innings but were not able to score even 20 runs when they had to bat.........
Dropping Ganguly is unacceptable....................

Edit: I think that Ganguly is a decent fielder........


Our new youth team is only suitable for 20-20...They don't have the ability to play full 50 overs match...I hope Sachin and Sehwag will do something good..


Rockin g33k
No logic watsoever..all the newspapers are claiming that dhoni dumped the seniors and wanted a fresh and good fielding side...

As per outr typical indian mentality..it is gud that they have taken such a bold and stupid decision..but if it does not work out..we will get to see the ouster of yet another captain...


Hey what the hell they are doing...
Dravid and Ganguly.
Anyone stop this as i cannot bear this.


This is really bad....
This is exactly what the aussies wanted to kick the indians out... :mad:
The selectors are big idiots:mad:


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they ll realise their mistakes after 2 matches i guess... see the guys in selectors panel... VENKATAPATHY RAJU n all... good for nothin while playing for india.. i doubt whether how to hold a bat ! ! !
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