1. M

    Ganguly decides to quit

    Ganguly to retire after Australia Tests Cricinfo staff October 7, 2008 Sourav Ganguly has announced he will retire after the upcoming Test series against Australia. "This will be my last series," said Ganguly at the end of a routine press...
  2. Gigacore

    India's Ganguly may quit international cricket

    More... Another news: Coach Kirsten wanted Ganguly out
  3. confused

    Did you see Harbhajan loosing his cool ???.......

    Hi guys, i was watching the Ind-SA test match. just a while back there was a rather shocking incident........ RP singh threw the ball at the stumps, for a runout........ it missed the stumps ....... Bhajji standing near the stumps made no effort to stop it ....... Ganguly about 10 yards away...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Is Dada's days really over in ODI's? (tribute from a true Ganguly fan)

    Looking at the title, please don't say-Oh no!!! Not another Ganguly thread... With the young side winning the ODI tri-series in Australia recently and winning the 20-20 world cup as well in 2007, are the days of one of the Indian ODI legends, Saurav Ganguly, really over? It's a different...
  5. dreamcatcher

    Ganguly, Dravid dropped from Tri ODI

    Ganguly and dravid have been shockingly dropped from the tri series odi against srilanka and the aussies...Wiht dravid hes nt been in good touch..its understandable..but with ganguly..scoring more then 2500 runs last year and also scoring the highest runs fr india in the frst test and dual...
  6. Choto Cheeta

    Typing mistake at

    One of the India’s finest news channel has a small typing mistake at its online new portal,, the exact URL is, * where you can read, its said that Saurav Ganguly has scored 269 runs, where as in fact its 239...
  7. soumya

    Sourav Ganguly should be the captain of the Indian Team?

    Sourav Ganguly should be the captain of the Indian Team. Sourav Ganguly was the best Indian captain ever. Rahul is getting to be the worst. He has no guts and is like Chappel's right hand man. Though it's still premature to say that Sourav should be the captain cause he just came into the team...
  8. aryayush

    Ganguly in line for recall

    India's stuttering form in the one-day arena may have an unlikely beneficiary: Sourav Ganguly is in line for a recall to the Test side, nine months after he was jettisoned followed the resounding 341-run defeat at Karachi. Read more...
  9. abhijit_reddevil

    Ganguly questions Chappel's method

    Source: * So it begins again..Ganguly has opposed Chappel's coaching methods.:D And I think he did the right thing, a thing he should have done a long time ago to a person who had backstabbed him.:mad:
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