1. stellar

    Not moving to SD card

    Facebook and messenger Apps won't run when i move them to SD card from the phone and vice versa runs well..why so?
  2. D

    GTA 4 has stopped working..

    I have updated latest drivers. Since then gta 4 doesn't work although it runs in inbuilt gfx card..My gfx card is 2gb gt 630m.
  3. cute.bandar

    How much effort involved in downgrading Android Tablet to unsupported vesion ?

    I am sure its possible, but how much effort is involved in the process of installing say 2.3 android version on a tablet that came default 4.1 ? If so how ? I can't find any ROM's for it . Cyanogen also seems not to support my device. Device: ASUS memopad me172v Reason: It runs like ****...
  4. Mehul Chauhan

    clash of clans doesn't load on Wifi

    The game runs perfectly on my 2g network, but doesn't load on my office WiFi. Need help please. (Yureka)
  5. I

    Photography Challenges

    Calling all the photographers on this forum! I have decided to start a weekly challenge of photography. Rules 1. The challenge is just for fun. 2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced. 3. The challenge runs from 9pm on the Sunday and runs until 9pm the following Sunday...
  6. seamon

    What do you hate most about your laptop or desktop?

    I hate it when my laptop thinks Firefox is a game and runs it in SLI causing it to microstutter due to windowed mode.
  7. P

    Tablet at Rs.7,000-8,000

    Hi Guys,I am looking for a tablet at Rs.7-8K.I want an android tablet.I won't be doing any hardcore gaming on tablet but I really want something wth a decent processor and good ram,so that it supports most apps and runs 1080p HD videos smoothly.And since I am going watch movies in my tablet,I...
  8. H

    Firefox OS phones now available for sale from Geeksphone.

    * Looks like their site is overloaded right now. Hopefully more mainstream retailers will pick this up too. Be warned though. This still runs a dev build and is not meant for end consumers yet.
  9. webgenius

    Dual monitor for Windows, but access Ubuntu also on one monitor

    Hi guys, I have been given 2 PC, 2 monitor, 2 keyboard and 2 mouse in my office. One system runs Windows 7 and the other runs on Ubuntu. I have seen a colleague who uses both the monitors for Windows. And whenever he requires, he gets Ubuntu on one monitor by using some keyboard shortcut...
  10. S

    Lenovo Yoga Ideapad series now available in India starting from 61790

    Lenovo Ideapad Yoga launched in India from Rs 61,790 | News & Video Reviews of Gadgets at BGR India The Ideapad Yoga 13 features a third generation Intel Core i-series processor, a 13.3-inch 1600×1900 pixels IPS display, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. It weighs 1.54Kgs and Lenovo claims a battery...
  11. M

    Need a PC / Laptop which runs Mac OS X 10.8 smoothly

    hi guys, i am about to upgrade my laptop which i bought 7 years ago. after using so many microsoft OSes from xp till windows 8, i feel i want more .... in terms of feel,stability & performance. i came across few forum where they either assemble parts which runs mac os x smoothly or try to have...
  12. Ironman

    Which Motherboard to Choose ?

    ASRock Z77 Extreme6/TB4 ASUS Maximus V Extreme ASUS P8Z77-V Premium ASUS P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT Gigabyte Z77X-UP4-TH Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H-TH Intel D77RE-75K MSI Z77A-GD80 Among them i am confused My Needs...
  13. T

    Accessing internet on mobile through PC

    I recently read an article stating that it was possible to utilize the PC's internet connection to access to internet through a S60 mobile, using mRouter, GNUbox and Bluetooth. But can anyone tell me if there is a valid method to do the same on a Nokia X2-02, which runs a different OS (I think...
  14. B

    Htc Explorer or Htc desire C ?

    My budget is 9-10k. I like the build quality of HTC and its UI customization so i dont prefer any other brand. I m confused between Explorer and Desire C. Explorer = 8k Desire C = 12k when compared, Desire C has - 3.5 inch screen - runs on ICS - 4GB internal memory - 5MP camera (No...
  15. L

    Mobo help

    Hey guys suggest me a good motherboard which supports core 2 duo e7500 processor and run's on DDR3 ram
  16. D

    chm files

    chm file open in Win 7 or XP mode but a message "Navigation to webpage cancelled" is shown in the contents box. The same file runs smoothly in win xp sp 2. Why is it so? How can I get around the problem?
  17. happy17292

    Crysis using 3.3GB RAM :( very laggy gameplay !!

    crysis 1 is lagging like hell in my PC :( even on lowest setting. runs fine for few secs then lags for 1-2 sec, again runs fine for 3-5 sec and lags again. this continues until game crashes or i quit. when i play again,it runs fine for the level i was playing before it crashed [or closed]...
  18. clmlbx

    heatsink at 4000+ RPM on 40-45c

    my processor is listed in my signature running at stock speed with stock cooler . my processor temp is 45c with just 10-15% load but fan runs at 4200+ RPM and it is very noisy....even at best it runs at 3200+ RPM ... what might be the problem ?
  19. Prime_Coder

    No joke this! Rajnikanth website really runs without internet

    Source link
  20. T

    Using a XFX Radeon HD 6670 (450 watt) with a 350 watt PSU?

    Ok guys basically I've just bought this box Extra Value Desktop PC - Desktops | Intel Pentium DC G840 2.8GHz 6GB RAM 1TB HDD DVD writer It doesn't say the PSU, but my friend who knows more about this stuff than me says it runs at 350 watts. Would I be able to use the...
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