games that shattered all our expectations....

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wots THAT game that has exceed ur wildest expectations?????? HL2 or Doom 3 not withstanding.....

for me it wuz probably Counter wuz amazing coming from the stables of indepandant developers!

wot bout u guys?????


Wise Old Owl
i would say serious sam....coming frm a new developer, it was an awesome game....had gr8 graphics and the DOOM style mindless kiil 'em all gameplay....


A Year Closer To Heaven
Freedom Fighters! I wasen't sure what the game would be like but the story and execution of the game exceeded my wildest dreams!


Freedom Fighters! FOR ME TOO!!!

I tougbht of it as an ordinary game at first ... But it is SIMPLY AWESOME graphically, storywise and gameplaywise....

Just wise man!!! Topped all of my expectations...

DoomIII and HL2 are just about graphics....

P.S. : Didn't intend to hurt any HL2 or DoomIII fan but Freedom Fighter ROCKS!


Freedom fighters or Freedom Force :mrgreen:

i was shocked for a while , probably i mis read them as Freedom Force


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I was expecting frm Enter the matrix but the game really was a big disappointment.

yea i started playing freedom fighters thinking of it as a casual game ,but the game was extremely cool. the bgm was one of the best i hav heard in games i hav played.


da' Ťurntable ruleth
yeps same here
freedom fighters
it hooked me on to that game
good graphics good storyline as well
the teaming strategy's
Ai was too found good
all to say a damn good game that dint make it ot the top


freedom fighters ! yes.
it never got that much push
but that was awasome

spiderman 1&2 were disappointing. realyy


A Year Closer To Heaven
It seems like Freedom Fighter had been the biggest underdog! Almost all seem to have started playing the game with very low expectations but have got more then they had expected and then some! The devlopers really deserve a pat on the back for this. Wonder when Freedom Fighters 2 would see the light of the day?


Wise Old Owl
so many ppl talkin abt freedom never played it...guess i should try it out :wink: but wait...ill aready have such high expectations frm the game...will it live up to them?? :lol:


Aspiring Novelist
and how high expectations do u mean nemi???? :lol:

This game is a fair enough 3rd Person Shooter game....Will work like a breeze on Normal system config as well so no problem of lag out there....atleast i can assure u a total Time pass gameplay for a while.....ohhh yea it will as well depend if u like the genre :wink:


Wise Old Owl
as high as those i had with D3 and HL2... :wink:

i dont mind 3rd person shooters...i loved max payne :lol: i think i better get hold of the game somehow...u guys r tempting me now...


Broken In
serious sam - the 2nd encounter... NO doubt... seriously seriously fun!!!! :D... AWESOME GRAPHICS... it works beautifully on my ol pc wit gf2mx... awesome gameplay - basically made for fun n not complex AI or anything... really nice lines by sam in that :D


Wise Old Owl
No doubt:Its Pirates of Caribean!!!!
I was very excited on geting it until I started it.My heart broke whem I started playing it.I just thought of burning the whole PC, but I regained my consciousness nd I sold it to my friend at some what the same price for which I bought it.Thank God IT HAS GONE!!!!!!


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Wat about freedom force. after a long period of boring superhero games it was one game that really delivered
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