1. ico

    AMD Ryzen thread

    AMD showed Blender and Handbrake demos recently and the 8C, 16T Ryzen barely edged the similarly clocked 8C, 16T Intel i7-6900K. What are your expectations? Finally some competition?
  2. H

    Tesla [Motors] Smashes Earnings And Revenue Expectations

    Tesla Q1 Earnings - Business Insider "Smashing" would be underselling this.
  3. Sarath

    Dota 2

    DOTA 2 by Valve DOTA 2 is being developed by Valve in conjunction with ICEFROG the current author of the Dota custom maps for Warcraft 3. It is seen by Dota players as a direct upgrade over the existing Dota game. However being in closed Beta, it is yet to be seen if it lives up to...
  4. P

    Very serious help needed for buying a tft monitor

    I need very serious help in buying a TFT monitor. It will be used for long hours for Photo Editing, Gaming, Playing Videos, Drafting Word and Excel Documents. I need a monitor with good view angle and soft images. If LCD Back Light is good for any uses mentioned above, then it would be good...
  5. B

    Help me.

    Dear Friends, I got only 63% in CBSE Board this year. I completely broken down nowadays. My parents these always scold me saying The world has ended for you. I have applied for some colleges in abroad & consultants are positive on their side. But I think they had some expectations from me...
  6. C

    Best men's deodorant/bodywash/cologne?

    Hey guys, Can u pls help me out to choose the best deo's/bodywash/cologne available in market ? I have tried quite a few which includes Axe,Adidas,Nike,Brut but they havent performed to my expectations... Thanks
  7. DigitalDude

    Asus exceeds expectations, ships 350k Eee PCs in one quarter

    Source: Here and many people are still holding out for the 10" screen model :D _
  8. gsoul2soul

    Healthy Ebook

    Well I've become very health conscious!!! He he he... from endless hours in front of my PC to some gymn, symn has been in agenda Anyways wanted to know... anybody has any link to "ebooks on health magazine" like "Men's health" and all... please... please Mike here :) all full of...
  9. wizrulz


    I am starting this thread to know about those games which most anticipated and discussed and desperately waited to be released but crashed all expectations..... 8) for me latest one is EA SPORTS CRICKET 2005- It same old game with improved graphics. Gameplay is bad as before... bowling seems...
  10. K

    games that shattered all our expectations....

    wots THAT game that has exceed ur wildest expectations?????? HL2 or Doom 3 not withstanding..... for me it wuz probably Counter Strike....it wuz amazing coming from the stables of indepandant developers! wot bout u guys?????
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