1. RON28

    Need Gaming IEM within 1.8k

    I play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN and online too. I need a gaming IEM within my budget. Currently i own Creative EP 630, should i buy a new IEM or EP 630 is enough?
  2. N

    game launching problem

    I have Sony (nvidia 740M graphics, 1 gb). when I try to launch any game ( especially counter strike) the error comes saying "video memory more than 15 mb" and game crashes.plz help.
  3. V

    lightning strike on my pc

    hii friends yesterday i was cleaning my pc then thought i should share a incident i am having i local internet broadband,2 years back,at night i left the internet cable connected to my pc and it was raining & thundering outside i wake up in the morning i was connecting my internet but it...
  4. aal-ok

    counter strike ping poblen

    whenever i play counter strike 1.6 multiplayer i get an error very high ping and it closes
  5. Extreme Gamer

    Any gunpla builders at TDF?

    I thought I'd ask if any of you guys here build gunpla. If yes, what kits have you built? Pics, if possible. I myself plan to begin building after my board exams end. I'll get a few PG kits for my room. I've decided on the RX-178 Mk-II AEUG, the MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame and the MBF-02 Aile...
  6. flyingcow

    Counter strike source mouse problem

    Lately i have encountered a problem with mouse movements in counter strike source The mouse worked fine earlier but after a gap of 4-5 months its giving problems the mouse works fine in windows and menu of the game, but while playing the mouse moves very slowly on the y axis, but works fine on...
  7. D

    Problem with Counter strike GO

    Hi i have installed Counter Strike GO few weeks back..But for the past few days i am unable to play..when i launch the game directly or through steam but it says "this game requires steam...i have searched online for a solution but nothing seems to work.. Any help is appreciated..
  8. U

    Counter Strike 1.6 given in digit dvd

    I am a constant buyer of your magazines... Today i was searching for the older dvds.. and i was testing them out.. but in one edition (December 2010) I found counter strike 1.6 setup.. i installed it.. and it worked.. but i just wanted to know that how could you publish a paid Valve game for...
  9. A

    Which OS should I use?

    I am currently using Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (64 bit ) on my Dell Studio XPS 1340 Laptop which is approximately 1.5 years old. However I was thinking to shift to Ubuntu as I quite liked the features. I use the laptop for everyday internet surfing via WiFi and some light gaming. ( Games...
  10. L

    Counter Strike Source Server

    hey anyone intrested in setting up a Counter Strike Source Server in Bhopal or CS 1.6 Please add me on skype my skype is badinhuman ??? i know how to setup a server
  11. WolVish

    Need a laptop @ 27-32 thousand. Help me guys..

    Need a laptop @ 27-32 thousand Hi guys, I currently own a dell inspiron, but it's a 3 year old one and turns itself off when i do gaming or video encoding. So want to move to a new one. 1. What's my Budget? - Around 27-32 k, strictly can't up more. 2. What will be my primary usage...
  12. S

    counter strike issue

    i have win7 64 bit but counter strike is not running on it!! what should be done coz it does run on 32 bit system...
  13. Worried From Bugs

    Best Windows 7 Themes Hub - Self Creation

    I have created some of the best Windows 7 Themes, in this article will share them all. If you like my work do comment below. Amazing Spiderman Movie Theme for Windows 7 Download Micky Mouse Windows 7 Theme Download Donald Duck Windows 7 Theme Download Counter Strike theme for...
  14. ss max

    Want a laptop under 60k ?

    I will basically using it for:- 1. Running applications like MATLAB , CAD etc. 2. Internet Browsing. 3. Playing games like NFS , Mortal combat , Tekken , Prince Of Persia , Counter Strike etc. 4. Mobility is required therefore will be avoiding very big screen size but it will be good...
  15. Worried From Bugs

    Counter Strike free download full version from softpedia

    Are you fan of Counterstrike 1.6? If yes you can download it for free from softpedia legally: See: Counter Strike free download full version Play Counter Strike 1.6 Online for free
  16. V

    Use Local LAN and Broadband connection simulateously ???

    Hey Guys ... I am planning to get 5-10 pc`s from my building connected using lan and a d-link switch ... The problem is ... They want to use both lan and mtnl broadband connection at the same time ... As In, we should be able to surf net and play Counter Strike Simultaneously without...
  17. A

    counter strike

    i have a counter strike team..we are five people in all..we have five laptops running win 7..we want to play counter stike together using to configure settings and connect laptops....?.?

    no lan in counter strike source 2011?

    i downloaded a counter strike 2011 source(around 4 gb),editted by some mohammed javed. the problem is i cant configure lan game in and my friends tried a lot, bt cant figure it out(Counter strike 1.6 & fifa are working).does any one knw how to configure this thing.thnx in advance
  19. speedyguy

    Advice me some LAN semi old game

    I have lost my addiction some 4-5years back. now just want some multiplalyer action with my flatmate. i guess i will enjoy racing and fps action (with bots) like counter strike etc. m running on lan and my laptop wont support much high end spec. the best i can run playable is nfs mostwanted...
  20. D

    CPU Config - Need Advice

    AMD Athlon II X4 640 - Est 4.5k Asus M4A78LT-M-LE 8GB DDR3 AMD Motherboard - Est 2.5k Crossair/Transcend DDR3 1333 RAM 2GB - Est 2.7k Coolermaster Elite 310 - Est 1.5k (COOLER MASTER Elite RC-310-RKN1-GP Mid...
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