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I used to live in Kalyani Nagar that time, MTNL is not in Pune but BSNL is, but the problem is that if you live in a multi-apartment society in in most of cases the builders dont allow BSNL to dig inside their premises, instead the take commission from companies like Tata, Bharti, Reliance etc and allow them inside in my case the allowed ISP did not have free ports to give me connection.

Now comes WIMAX, no digging for cables needed here, but the corporate crap does not end here.. I have a Tata indicom Wimax connection, why because i live on 4th floor of my apartment and Reliance can give its Wimax connections starting from 5th floor in my 8 storied building.
Seriously WTF, they have even distributed the floors in a apartment building leaving customers with no choice. :x
Holy cow! That's a seriously messed up drama. Is it the same with most of the areas in Pune or just that particular area?


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Maybe similar in every area (although i have seen some exceptions), everybody is earning while people suffer. Half of the subcribers don't care who the ISP is as they generally only check mails and chat.


The thing is many people don't know that what is crack for and what are these DVD vendors doing.

LOL @ promoting piracy... I will purchase each and every game that pleased me. I own more than 7 PC titles. :D Haven't you downloaded any game before.. and aren't those games awesome!!!

ok.. let's cease the discussion here.. why pissing our relation for this capitalistic DRM. I am a freaking pirate and I promote downloading.

LOL its a point made by 10 year old
Tomorrow my exams will end. I take 1k with me and go to the market. My target ACII and BC2. My purchase will depend on availability of game.

@nvidiageek:- Is your "g" key missing in your keyboard? If not try to use it. Use similes rather than using the " ' ".


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^Ye thinkin'? :D Sorry, budd. I'm gonna go with my accent.

OMG! Can't believe how Crysis 2 will be. *installs Crysis again*

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x box 360 controller work in pc ?[just need a driver from Microsoft site] or there is any differences in pc and 360 controller.

where u guys facing d problem after done patch part ?


Yes you will need the 360 drivers in XP, no problems for me..

And the AC II Crack is **** and they are just posting useless stuff dont believe them


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has ac2 been cracked???i'll need the crack even if i buy the original game coz my internet connection is going kaput these days:(...or has the new patch allowed offline save??? jojo u hav the original one i guess..i'll get my one if the online problem is solved. plz say coz i hav kept it on hold..


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Just got my Assasins Creed 2.It is poetry in motion.Definately worth 900 Rs.

P.s Drm is pain in ass.It kicks you out of the game even if you are connection is affected for a second but doesn't use that much bandwith.If you have stable connection then buy this,you won't regret it.But i must add that games start from the same point as soon as your net recovers.
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