1. rhitwick

    [VR]Sony PS VR with camera in Flipkart

    Not sure where to post but IMO gamerz should know this. Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ Flipkart.co At last some decent VR games can be expected in India now (I hope) This just makes me half convinced to buy a console at last.
  2. G

    Need to buy a 4 tb external hard disk drive?

    Hello, to all of you. I need to buy a 4TB External HDD, I've chosen WD's MY Book 4TB External HDD (Model No. WDBFJK00400HBK ), but before buying I want to clear some doubts, Hope to I'll get replies soon. 1. Can someone tell in the External Case, WD uses which Hard Disk means Is it Green or...
  3. E


    Hello! I recently became interested in the workings of the PlayStation 3 and the field of reverse engineering. I have many years of programming experience, but not quite as low-level as assembly. I hope to learn much about low-level architecture, security and more during my time here!
  4. A

    Need Bios Chip for Asus Mobo

    I want to replace the bios chip of ASUS P8H61-M LX3 R2.0 motherboard. Is there any chance of getting one in India? I'm from Kerala.I prefer online store (This is the first post of mine in this forum hope this is in the right place and hope this solves fast )
  5. GhorMaanas

    PS4 from US

    Hello everyone! me and a friend are contemplating buying PS4 this month, placing order on amazon US, getting the consoles shipped to his cousin's address who would then get them to us later this month. i have some queries on that (newbie regarding new-gen consoles)....hopefully someone would...
  6. S

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime.

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime today.. It's got 2 Gigs of RAM instead of 1 Gig in Redmi 2. Also got 10% cashback through dads Citibank CC. Hope it would be better than Yuphoria.
  7. A

    My Introduction

    Hello I am Albert John I am new here in this forum and i hope you will cooperate with me..:)
  8. A

    new member

    I'm a new member.:-)Nice to meet you. This is my first post on the forum. I hope to share experiences, and learn together with you.
  9. N


    Hi, I am Natalie and I am a technician from Wilmington,USA. I have just joined this forum and I would love to know about different topics and would like to contribute myself to topics of which I have knowledge about. I am keen to learn about different sections. Hope everyone will love to get...
  10. S

    [For Sale] Anyone wants MI 4i

    I have a MI 4i in my cart. anyone interested to buy it??(at the original price i will ship it to ur address directly from flipkart with COD so the person buying it pays for the phone on delivery.) SaiyanGoku & RCuber Sry didn't know i could not make profits by selling phone so now...
  11. D

    Any hope after B.E

    My b.e mechanical exams will soon be over. After 2 year drops my interest in studies was gradually over. I was studying just for the sake of passing the exams. I was interested in doing engineering but it has become a nightmare for me. I have seen guys with first class sitting jobless after...
  12. G


    Hey guys. Planning to buy an SSD. Have thought of Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB. I hope I have made a good choice. Please help!
  13. G

    Want a list of websites like akosha.com?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to register a complaint against Samsung,I know about AKOSHA.COM,this website is doing good work, but I need to know about more websites like it, Please let me know, Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  14. G

    Aviation forums - please tell me about them?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some aviation forums(Indian) where I can ask questions about Airport rules and regulations and also can know what is legal and what is illegal in the Airport? and also near the planes? Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  15. vijju6091

    Made In India Chips are coming soon as per rumour

    A 'Made in India' chip may be a reality soon Finally India Is getting into Chip making business. hope this becomes Reality Soon.:|:-)
  16. RCuber

    Games Buying Trends

    I think its fair to say that people have started buying games. have people changed or its just a new trend or have they realized why to buy games? PS: I hope you guys understood the poll options :) .. its not public
  17. A

    New to Digit Magazine

    Hey everybody I am Amit,new to this forum. I actually joined this forum to get my queries solved regarding to IT engineering from Mumbai University I hope I will get my doubts cleared and learn new things from u all Thankyou
  18. T

    Searching for used trucks

    Is there anyone who can let me know that from where I can find best trash trucks to buy? Basically I am wondering about appearance and quality of that particular truck. Hope I can get some good ideas that what things I should keep in mind while buying a trash truck.
  19. d6bmg

    [IDEA] TDF Kolkata Meet 2012

    TDF Kolkata Meet 2012 I was thinking about TDF Kolkata meet. May be during Christmas, From Dec 25 to first week of January. There are many holidays in that time period. I hope many people can take their busy scheduled off for one fine afternoon and evening. :) Share your ideas. Time and...
  20. R

    feature of Samsung 3D TV

    Being a workaholic, I work for late hours even at home. I am planning to buy a Samsung 3d TV so that I can look my presentations on it. I sincerely hope that it provides with a better web browsing facility and better Samsung App server. Has anyone experienced that feature of Samsung 3D TV?
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