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Ok guys , I told u that my friend changed root password , this is how he did that :

Start ur Computer

Option to select the OS appear to u.
Such as Redhat & Other

Using arrow Keys go to-
Redhat or Fedora Option

Then "Press e"
Then 3 options are displayed to u.
Using arrow keys select the middle option.

Then again " Press e"
A screen is open in front of u.
Press spacebar and type single
Then "Press b"

Linux boot mode starts, it takes some time.

After that it shows sh#
then type
passwd root
It will say u to enter new linux password
Retype the password
then type "exit"
PC will reboot
The password which u set is set as the root password.

Password is Changed. ...........
Now enjoy the freedom to linux root.

Donno if it works , but he told me that he has done it this way only.


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did ny1 try this.... does it work... btw the procedure sounds to me like getting into safe mode or rescue mode of linux....


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Yes this is the procedure of going into rescue. This gives you root access, now anything can be done. This is a very simple technique.
One of the reason why majority of the servers are kept away in such a place so as no one can reach them. Also, having a grub password helps in this case. Maybe you can suggest this to your teacher as a solution.
Another method could have been throught sudo. If you can access root shell as sudo, then it's possible to change the root password, unless it's been configured so.
Forgot to add, it is known as single user mode, that's why the parameter single was passed.
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