1. patkim

    Any software to compare pre & post install snapshots of directories?

    I need to make a specific directory comparison of the same root directory say C:\Program Files before & after a specific program installation. Is there any such software available to do comparison like this? I.e. software should take a first snapshot of a root directory, then I install my...
  2. aal-ok

    apk install problem

    whenever i try to install any of the gangstar game, it says app not installed, why? do i need to root in order to install them? and i have zuk z1.
  3. G


    Hello guys, Do any of you know a successful way to root a Indian Samsung Galaxy On7 Model SM-G600FY ? The web mentions quite a few "rooters", but none of them has worked. A couple of Forums mention that the rooting of this phone has not yet been done ! Any ideas? Tks.
  4. ajayritik

    Benefits of rooting and how to root yureka

    Many friends out her in TDF suggest me to root my yureka. I seem to be haunted by the battery drain problem on and off. I believe this can be worked around by installing greenify and for that I need to root. So kindly guys let me know the benefits of rooting my android and the steps to root...
  5. D

    HELP root zenfone2 and instal android 6.0

    dear digitians can anyone guide me how to root my Asus zenfone 2 and install marshallow on it i have visited xda dev forums and found cm13 software [ROM] [6.0.x] Official CyanogenMod 13.0 Nigh… | Asus ZenFone 2 i wish to know Cons of cm13.0 marshallow. i wanted to do it...
  6. C

    How to Root Android Device with Kingroot Android Root?

    I want to root my android phone so that I can downloan more applications. Have you heard of KingRoot Android root software? How to operate it?
  7. kg11sgbg

    Root access blocked in Android 5.1.1,how to resolve to gain it?

    My latest Datamini TWG10 (2-in-1) hybrid tablet/nettop,has Dual OS pre-installed by the manufacturer Datamini. Windows 10 + Android-5.1.1 Both are running and functioning excellent. In case of Android Lollipop(5.1.1),it is already rooted,but "su" shows as Root no root access , while it is...
  8. abhigeek

    Need to recover pics from moto g2 [unrooted].

    I'm totally ****ed up. Accidentally I have deleted my (priceless) pics folder from my phone memory of Moto G2. All methods I could find on internet to recover files from phone memory require root access. But mine isn't rooted. To root moto g2 first I have to unlock bootloader, this will wipe...
  9. B

    "storage Space Running out" Despite a lot of Free space

    Hello all, So yeah, The dreaded "storage space Running out on my Xolo Q3000. I guess this is a widespread issue and forums are flooded with concerns, however I could not find a way around. But First some facts about my Phone- 1) The Phone Is Properly Rooted and I have Access to Root explorer...
  10. D

    Superuser not working in lollipop s4

    It says su binary needs to be updated although nothing is updated. The root is verified. Even titanium backup is not working properly.
  11. A

    Rooting the Xperia ZR

    How do i root my Xperia ZR in easiest possible way. :).. Phone details:
  12. P

    Bought a new XOLO Q600s smartphone from Snapdeal,how to root it?

    Well, let me guide you through rooting the Xolo Q600s. Befor moving forward let me warn you that this process is going to void your warranty and may even bricked your device if not done properly. So move forward at your own risk: Some of the Prerequisites (Before you root your device): 1...
  13. sling-shot

    How to escape bootloop following Link2SD use?

    Today I came across Towelroot method of rooting by GeoHot for my Xperia ZR. Now the root went as planned. I installed SuperSU as suggested but I found out that PIN based root right protection needs premium/pro version. So I installed SuperUser which I remember has this feature (I use this on the...
  14. A

    How to Safe root Sony Xperia E C1504

    How to root safely My Sony Xperia E C1504.Build no. is 11.3.A.0.47.I am completely newbie on this. What about kingo root app.Should i try it? And what are the risk involved after rooting?
  15. S

    XOLO Q500 rooting

    Anybody knows how to root XOLO Q500 ????
  16. chandan3

    unmount external storage

    my mobile is lava iris 506q android 4.2.1 there is no any option is storage to mount or unmount sd card .i hv nt root my phone .how to unmount external storage i mean pendrive .is there any apps .ple help me guys
  17. M

    Root Huawei Ascend P1

    Hi, Can anyone help with e the process to root Huawei Ascend P1? Thanks in advance. Mandeep
  18. kaz

    Review Your Apps/Games Here !!!!

    Review Your Apps/Games Here [All Platforms] !! There are so many threads discussing which is a better device based on hardware. But its the apps installed on the phone which makes it stand out from other. So this is where we will be putting the apps/games which we find worth sharing. Rules...
  19. ©mß

    Custom ROM for Galaxy Y.

    I want a ROM which focuses mainly on performance. So, tell me which ROM to flash for it.
  20. R

    How to use Android Root power to the fullest?

    I recenlty bought Samsung Galaxy S4. And this time I was sure to test out rooting. Eventually I have successfully rooted my device but got stuck with what to do with root access to S4. Like I am unable to understand what type of apps should I install now. I have stumbled upon an article which...
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