1. abhijit_reddevil

    Help! Display crashed

    Hello friends, I am posting here after a long time. I am facing with a peculiar and familiar problem. Recently I have installed Civilization 6 along with the additional scenarios released in December 2016. The system was running fine for couple of days and I could play civ 6 without any...
  2. nac

    How to disable push notification?

    It started few months back, don't remember exactly when it started. Now I am getting this notification/pop up window when I login to some sites (like digit forum, yahoo mail). I don't get this in every sites, only few and only after logged in, not before. After I closed the browser and open the...
  3. B

    Windows xp administrator password

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine has forgotten his Windows XP's password. Is there any way to login without formatting? Thanks
  4. A

    24 online client auto logout

    guys help me ... 24 Online client says " To start surfing, Minimize this login window and open a new browser window. Please do not close this Window without logging out" and when i login with my phone it logout after some time so i cant download movies with torrent in phones what to do...
  5. B

    Not able to login to a specific website

    Hi Guys, I have an old PC with Windows XP at home. I use this PC only to access the internet and to listen to music. Everything was working well but since the past two days I am not able to login to my account at cashkaro.com. Till yesterday when I tried to login via Firefox and fill in the...
  6. Akira

    Not able to login to IRCTC through Firefox??

    On the main irctc.co.in page, the correct combination of id and password(and the captcha) gives me wrong credentials page. On the separate login page(services.irctc), it gives me 'The id/password is wrong' page. Login's working fine on Opera and Chrome. Any Ideas why? P.S : I was thinking...
  7. sling-shot

    Unable to load www.fednetbank.com

    For the last 3 months or so I am unable to load *www.fednetbank.com in Firefox desktop version from home. Either in Windows or Linux. Nor with a new profile with no add-ons. My ISP is BSNL and I am on 800 unlimited broadband DSL plan. It works while using IE on my laptop. No with Opera...
  8. ajayritik

    PC not going beyond Login page in Windows 7

    For the past couple of days I'm having this problem with me not being able to go beyond the login screen of Windows 7. Once I switch on the PC and after I enter my password in the login screen I'm shown the Welcome screen for long time. Infact yesterday I left it like that for an hour and still...
  9. D

    how to change wallpaper for desktop in office pc

    in my office, users can login in their pc with administrator login and other user login. i use to login with my username and password. but the wallpaper for my username desktop is fixed. i m unable to change it...how do i change the wallpaper for my username login as per my wish? i know...
  10. R

    Weird Skype App problem

    I have a rooted Galaxy S2 GTi9100. I was using the skype since a long time even after rooting. But somewhere in between my skype app stopped working. whenever i tried to login it failed saying Incorrect login details. But I can login using the Phone browser, Windows PC app and browser using same...
  11. Vyom

    Demystifying Pacenet (login based browsing session) And Speeding Up Peer to Peer Sharing

    So year my first resolution became shifting from MTNL's unfriendly service to some (and later any) Broadband. And I shifted to Pacenet. I am on a Rs 930, 1 Mbps Unlimited plan. (No FUP). As with any new stuff, I am learning stuff that I never knew and trying to figure out the best way to use...
  12. A

    HTML help

    Hii Guys I'm currently learning HTML.I wanted to know if there was a way to shift a Hyperlink text a few spaces forward?? Example- Email __________ Password___________ Login Is there a way to shift the "Login"...
  13. F

    user profile service failed to logon

    my frnd is having dell inspiron n5050. he is not able to login to windows 7 because he is getting an error msg : user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded. he didnt changed the password, still not able to login . he has installed 2 windows xp and 7 , and is able to...
  14. ajayritik

    Unable to login to the ISP and unabel to connect to internet if router is used

    I have a Netgear N 150 router which I use to connect to internet so that I can connect other devices using WIFI. However for the past two days I find that I'm unable to go beyond the ISP Login Page. I get the following Error Message when I try to login . Your Maximum Sessions Completed...
  15. Richie Rich

    [HELP] Forgot Login Password of Windows 8

    My mom changed the password of her laptop but she forgot now. Usually she login with the help of finger print reader of hp laptop. Please help me out to change the password.
  16. A

    Facebook weired problem

    i have a windows 8 pro installed on laptop my problem is i can browse and open facebook on my laapyy in day time but at night time i am not able to browse or even go to login page be it on any browser its always connection reset. i have to acces facebook through mobile but not able to browse...
  17. M

    Not able to log in to my computer

    I have a 64-bit computer with Win 7. My computer was always set to an auto log in without the need for password. Yesterday I tried to increase the size of the C drive after which it started showing me 2 options Admin and User when I logged in, but when I clicked on either it logged me in without...
  18. Allu Azad

    Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details

    Sources : Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service | Ars Technica Hacking collective D33Ds Company has posted login details for more than 453,000 user accounts that it claims to have retrieved in plaintext...
  19. S

    Remote User login

    Hi all, I have a server running win 2008 standard edition with static ip 111.134.110.*** with domain name foitech.com.I want to login from one of my branch office as a user created in the server via internet.How i could establish this? Please help me with right answer. :razz:
  20. Harivel

    So.cl - "Microsoft Social Network"

    So.cl (pronounced "social") combines web browsing, search and social networking. So.cl Searches and post will be visible for everyone , becoz its research process...Login through FB ID or Windows Live ID. Explore and Enjoy!! :) Did this Spoil the Facebook??... ;) :P
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