1. ico

    Firefox for Android.

    Is the best browser available for the platform. Chrome is Internet Explorer 6 now. No tabs anymore. Slow. Crashes. Eats up batter. No Adblock/Extensions. Another problem with Webkit based browsers is - auto-download of APKs on some websites, automatic opening of Play Store on some websites...
  2. rickenjus

    netbean error

    I'm trying to run a html5 project on netbeans But getting this error each time - "Port value out of range:65536" I tried changing browser and native webkit but no luck, problem still persists.. I also tried running demo project but result is same. any solution..???
  3. Desmond

    Google forking Webkit to create its own rendering engine...Blink. Opera to follow suit.

    Google confirmed that it is going to fork WebKit and create its own renedering engine called Blink Opera confirms that it will ditch WebKit in favour of Blink
  4. RCuber

    Opera to switch to Webkit

    I dont know when and why I switched away from Opera to Firefox.. but its one piece of jem. Link
  5. Rahim

    Rekonq: A Quick Glance At Kubuntu Next Default Browser

    The talk of the town is that the next version of Kubuntu (10.10, codenamed Maverick Meerkat) will have a new default browser, replacing Konqueror, the longtime KDE favorite. The replacement browser may very well be Rekonq, a browser that could be viewed as a next-generation approach to...
  6. hellknight

    Post your Linux browser experiences here!!

    Hey guys.. this section of the forum is dead (due to Praka's ban).. so lets make it happening again.. As you know that there are many browsers on Linux front.. but suddenly a new wave of attack from the Webkit department is on Gecko since last couple of months... Browsers like Midori...
  7. hellknight

    Midori - A webkit based browser which got 100/100 in Acid 3

    Hey guys.. i recently installed Midori browser on Ubuntu.. it is a Webkit based browser, very fast and completely stable.. when i ran Acid 3 test on it, it got 100/100.. So i urge you all.. that please try this browser as it has a lot of potential.. I think that it is natively available for...
  8. praka123

    Epiphany webkit based passing acid3 test!cool!

    Epiphany-2.22 webkit based passing acid3test on Gnome-2.22 :D On Debian Sid ;)
  9. soumya

    Safari is about to get crazy fast

    When Apple chose the KHTML engine for its Safari Browser in 2003 over the more popular Gecko engine that powers Firefox, a lot of people were surprised. Firefox was way more popular than the Konquerer browser and had a lot more open source developers online. Since then, Apple has really run...
  10. praka123

    FOSS,Linux,Mac-The unforking of KDE's KHTML and Webkit

    By Troy Unrau | Published: July 23, 2007 - 11:00AM CT There is one major web rendering engine that grew entirely out of the open source world: KHTML is KDE's web renderer which was built from the ground up by the open source community with very little original...
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