1. W

    Nano Defender & Nano Adblocker removed by Google Chrome as malware

    Source: Time to remove Nano Adblocker and Defender from your browsers (except Firefox) - gHacks Tech News @omega44-xt @SaiyanGoku @Desmond David @Vyom Was using them yesterday when suddenly the extensions crashed with a chrome notification. Later when I tried to reload them I saw chrome...
  2. B

    Use a password to login when FF is opened after reboot

    Hi Guys, I save my passwords for my different accounts in FF in my home computer so that it auto logins whenever I open a particular site. Is there a way to make FF ask for a password for atleast once after it is opened after a reboot? Is there any specific software or extension for the same...
  3. patkim

    How reliable are USB3 Extension cables?

    Sometime back I purchased a USB3 extension cable about 1.5M from ebay. It was available for some 350-400 Rs range and I think it was Terabyte brand. For a first few days it worked fine. Now I find that it works fine whenever I connect only my USB2 devices to it, be it a pen drive or my mobile...
  4. N

    Help with extension cable

    I am using HyperX cloud core headphones which comes with Mic. The wire is only 1m and hence I am thinking to buy this extension cable. If i use it, then will my mic function as it used to function before ?
  5. X

    Extension Cable for F&D F6000

    Hello people i've been using f&d f6000 for a year now, And i am quite happy with it. I am planning to shift the speaker to little bigger room. How do i choose an extension wire for the rear speakers? What is wire gauge for this home theater. I cannot find the gauge information in User manual i...
  6. M

    Please help with CSVDE

    Using Windows server 2008 I am trying to export users in Active directory through CSVDE but it is not working. I am using this csvde -f C:\Scripts\csvusr.csv -p subtree -r "(&(objectCatagory=person)(objectClass=user)(givenName=*))" -l "cn,givenName,objectClass,samAccountName" and...
  7. Flash

    Google Chrome - Image quality - Extension?

    In Opera, we have "Turbo Mode" that speeds up browsing on slow connections by reducing the quality of images. Is there any extension available for Google Chrome, to set the image quality?
  8. I

    What the duck just happened with my desktop??!!

    Hi all! Something very weird happened with my desktop yesterday evening! While watching a video on youtube, my desktop abruptly switched off. Thinking it was a PSU issue, I switched it off from its own switch as well the plug socket from the back and switched it back on. But the computer would...
  9. Faun

    TDF forum theme

    Dark and Light themes for the forum. Main ideas behind these two themes: 1. Keep the minimalism 2. Easy on eyes TDF Light Album on Imgur TDF Dark Album on Imgur How to apply/update the themes PS: Tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  10. sandynator

    Need Single RCA Extension Cable [Male to Female] for Edifier C2 Speaker

    Guys I'm planning to wall mount my newly acquired Edifier C2's but the cable is too short & looks delicate too.. For this purpose I need some good VFM RCA Extension cable & some Stiff Wire cover for these speaker wires. Is there any separate RCA extension for Audio?? Please suggest..
  11. Chetan1991

    Need a Chrome extension for saving tab list.

    I browse with many tabs open and sometimes I want to visit the tab later but don't want it to hog resources in the meanwhile. What's the best extension that will just list the tabs that I can save for later viewing (no not bookmarks)? I'm currently using OneTab but the tabs listed in it are...
  12. gohan89

    Pen Drive connected via extension cable not recognized by Samsung LED TV !!!

    I have a Samsung 32EH6030 3D LED TV.I have been using it to see movies or pictures via connection of pendrive or external HDDs without any issue.SInce I have to repeatedly plug in and out the USB device, I decided to buy a extension cable with Male to Female USB cable...
  13. S

    Where can I find cheap electronics in Delhi?

    Living in my hometown, I heart a lot that in Delhi there are cheaper electronics items. Now I am here. Is it really so or is a rumor? P.S. I'm in South Extension area.
  14. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] 24 pin ATX cable extension & 8 pin ATX-EPS cable extension

    Hai, I want to buy 24 pin ATX cable extension & 8 pin ATX-EPS cable extension.Both the cables must be reasonably priced. Thanks & Regards, bavusani
  15. stellar

    google chrome extension

    I can't find proper google chrome extension for downloading videos from youtube. The extension which gets embedded in youtube and not open in another tab for downloading. Third party extension chrome doesn't accepts.Any ideas?
  16. cute.bandar

    Chrome extension ideas needed

    I am kind of bored and thinking of programming a chrome/firefox extension. But am out of ideas . Does anyone have a good one ? Thanks
  17. sahil1033

    SATA Power Connector Extension

    Bought this and now SATA power connector is not enough long to reach the card. Can anyone suggest me from where can I get SATA Power Connector Extension online? p.s. - I tried searching it in local shops.
  18. S

    headphone extension cable

    hi everyone, i am planning to buy a headphone extension cable for use while watching movies on my desktop. found this on flipkart- Headphone Extension Cable any suggestions/opinions regarding price/quality or other available options will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  19. blackpearl

    Macro extension tubes

    Anybody have any experience using them? I want to know if the ones available on ebay at Rs500 or less any good? I know they aren't auto focus, but are they going to damage my camera mounts. The other option is to get an auto-focus one, but they are expensive. There is a Vivitar one for Rs5000...
  20. ramakanta

    Portable Apps 4 USB mass storage device users..

    Okay, all of you .. You ever want to have a host of programs that you can take with you? Well, now you can. Some of the most common freeware/Open Source Windows programs have been specially built to be used FROM USB devices... PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB, portable...
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