1. ajayritik

    Planning trip to Goa this weekend

    Hi guys, i am planning a 4D/3N trip to goa. This is my first trip there. I will be travelling with my wife. So any of you TDians who have been to Goa before, and have some information/tips please share it here.... my main queries are: 1.Best places to visit 2.Whats the best mode of...
  2. kaz

    Goa ministers, MLAs edge out babus in Rs 89 lakh junket to Brazil

    What the FAK? Goa ministers, MLAs edge out babus in Rs 89 lakh junket to Brazil - The Times of India
  3. M

    Suggest Goa trip itinerary for 3 days

    Hi friends I will be visiting Goa with my girlfriend during November 19-23 and we will be staying at Mapusa. I am looking for help in planning the trip itinerary. We are looking to visit beaches, discotheques, do water sports and possibly go to watch dolphins. We will skip South Goa and...
  4. S

    [Complaint] bad experience from Creative..

    i live in Goa, India. i had purchased Creative t3100 2.1 speakers on 12 Oct 2011 online from theitwares.com site for Rs. 2500. i have been using those speakers for almost one year w/o any problem. few days back, on 5th Oct 2012, the sound started fluctuating (getting high and low abruptly) and...
  5. theserpent

    Petrol Price to be the cheapest in goa

    Found in a PAGE in facebook
  6. V

    Help choosing among the following monitors

    1. Which of the following monitors should i buy dell IN2030m -rs 6250/- benq gl2030 -rs 5750/- acer s202hl -rs 6000/- are all the above LED monitors? 2. Is the GT 520 (Rs3300/-)similar to HD 5570 in performance. since the 5570 is EOL it cost 6000/- approx. What about HD 6450 3...
  7. C

    Best RIG for mobile repairs....Advice

    Hi guys, Have always worked on laptops for my need all this while..I am into cell phone repairs and my work takes up a lot of Usb ports, as i have to plug in dongles for various cell phone types....recently i laptop i was working is not sufficient for my day to day work...now there is a need of...
  8. confused

    Visiting Goa... Need tips/suggestions

    Hi guys, i am planning a 3d/2n trip to goa. This is my first trip there. I will be travelling with my cousin. So any of you TDians who have been to Goa before, and have some information/tips please share it here.... my main queries are: 1>which are the must visit beaches?? 2>whats the best mode...
  9. jxcess3891

    Excuse for leave extension

    Guys, I'm off from work as I'm on vacation till the 18th of this month but I want to extend my leave by another 15 days. Can u help me think of some genuine sounding reason so that I can ask my workplace for an extension. The reason I want a leave is that I'm planning to go to Goa on the 26th of...
  10. astroutkarsh

    Plan for Long Week-End

    Just planed for Goa on this Long weekend (24,25 and 26th).:cool: Pune - Goa in Maruti-800 with friends. so just had a thought to ask u people :p Whats ur plans? also suggest for Good Food Joints or any thing in Goa.
  11. B


    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my third year bachelors in computer applications at a reputed college in Goa. Right now i m confused about what to do after my bca. i am thinkin of doin mca at goa university 4 which i have 2 answer an entrance test. if i do not get admission for mca i m planning 2...
  12. J

    the itwares

    how much does the itwares charge to ship an entire system (22" monitor) but not assembled ( all individual parts) to goa
  13. codename_romeo

    Rates in Goa

    Hey guys i don know whther its legal to ask this here or not.....( so if its not legal then mods pls delete the thread) Can anyone post the rates of various brands of alcohol in Goa???????
  14. C

    show me A comp Rig for 22k..loads f usb

    Hi Guys, well planning to upgrade...i am into cell phone repairs n most of the time the software i use need a lot of usb connection to flash phones..so as of now i have a budget of 22000 on me....plz can u suggest a config which wud satisfy me by power as well as have a major amt of usb...
  15. max_demon

    How Much is the price for talking to nepal in india ?

    What are the tarrifs of idea cellular or any other service to talk to nepal from india . i m in the MH and Goa Circular plan . please reply fast
  16. goobimama

    Any of you guys in Pune?

    I'll be tripping to Pune on the 29th till 31st evening and was wondering how many of you jokers are around that area. Maybe we could have a meet up or sorts. My diet is going to be McDonalds and KFC's (due to unavailability of that 'delicacy' in Goa). What say? If the conditions are right, I...
  17. abhi_10_20

    "Must visit" places in Goa...

    Hi all, i have planned a 5 day trip to Goa with some of my chaps in the next week... We have little info about the place and i am literally tired of googling to find out which all places to visit... could you guys help me out in suggesting names of must visit places in Goa? and please...
  18. chicha

    any one from goa? its not dudes from goa.

    hi my dad may be posted there in goa. i have been there 3 times or so and stayed for over 3 months each time. but that was a long long time back. now my question is that are there any good inst for networking cources? CCNA and CCNP and also RHCE too. thank you.
  19. chicha

    Sky Bus

    I do not know how many ppl know this but "sky Bus" the first of its kind is built at Goa. A sky bus is train inverted, the train hangs from the rail. :D some extra info this was built in 2003-4 in goa they are testing it. :D
  20. R

    Collapse of just 2 months old GOA govt.

    This has become routine thing in Goa. Few ministers who are elected from one party , joins other party after election. Are this drawbacks of Democrocy? ...
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