DID YOU KNOW? Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups

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iMav said:
ont for 1 sec hold it for atleast 5 and it wont crash per say it will only overload the system and the funny thing is it will only open 1 window after say 10 mins of leaving the keys

but yeah there should be an overflow trigger
nope no crash i spent 5 min closing all the windows, i got low memory warning after opening 50 windows, may be it may lock on system with low ram like someone running vista aero on 512mb, but on 2gb ram without aero it just slows down
Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
1. Right-click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select "Properties".
2. Now move the cursor at the location pointed in the following screenshot:


What u see? The mouse cursor will show "Hand" pointer like there is a link. :D
The reason behind it, I think it points to "Change product Key" link, which is surely a goof-up. ;)
Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP

Today I found 3 more interesting BUGs in Windows Vista: :D

First BUG:

1. Double-click on the bottom area of taskbar where system tray icons are displayed, like Windows Defender, Removable Media, Yahoo! Messenger, etc icons. You can unlock the taskbar and increase its size to see the area more clearly:


2. You’ll be surprised when “Windows Defender” window will open even you didnt click on its icon.

NOTE: Windows Defender should be enabled and running to recreate this bug.

Second BUG:

1. Maximize any window e.g. My Computer window.

2. Right-click on Minimize or Restore buttons and voilla you’ll get the context menu which appears when we right-click on titlebar.


3. It doesnt appear when we right-click on Close button.

So its definitely a bug. Why should it appear on buttons?

Third BUG:

Here is another interesting goof-up not bug in Windows Vista:

1. Open Control panel and double-click on “Programs and Features” icon.

2. Look carefully at Task Band containing “Organize” and “Views” buttons.

3. You’ll notice that Task Band color is same as the Menubar color. Actually it should look same as it looks in My Computer but its a goof up that it takes Menubar image to show its color instead of task band image defined in the Aero theme.

4. Look in following screenshot. Its clear coz I have also tried using another theme having different menubar color and taskband is showing the same color in this theme too.


Actually it should look like following:


So its a goof-up that “Programs and Features” task band doesnt use the actual task band image and in stead it use Menubar image from the Windows theme.

I have also posted them at my site:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features Task Band Goof-up in Windows Vista
Titlebar Buttons BUG in Windows Vista
Taskbar Bug in Windows Vista


Hey vishal.. bout the first bug.. for me wen i double click that area "Parental Controls" open and if i click the area below the 2nd column i.e under that "volume control" icon Volume control opens!! :) ..
Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Hi guys

Here is one more interesting BUG in Windows Vista, which is related to "Statusbar": :cool:

1. Open "My Computer" and enable "Statusbar" by pressing <ALT> tab and select "View -> Statusbar".
2. Close "My Computer" window.
3. Again open "My Computer" but remember don't maximize or restore the window. Leave it as it is.


4. Double-click on any drive which contains at least one file in its root, e.g. If your D:\ drive contains any .txt or .jpg or .bmp or any other format file, then double-click on D: drive.
5. Select that file and look at Statusbar. There will be only a line is showing "1 item selected" and nothing else.


6. Now do any of following:

a. If your window is maximized, then restore it by clicking on Restore button (middle button) in Titlebar.
b. If your window is in normal state (restore), then maximize it.
c. Or open any other folder in the current drive and then press "Backspace" key or click on "Back" button to come back to root of the drive where you were recently.

7. Now again select the same file and look at statusbar. VOILLA now you can see its size in Statusbar which was not there when we tried in "5th step".


So now here is the conclusion:

Statusbar doesnt show a file size if the file is in root of a drive. But if we change the window state or open a folder in the drive and again come back to root of the drive, then Statusbar shows the size. Which is kinda strange and definitely a BUG. :D
Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Another interesting BUG which can be recreated only if you are using "Aero" in Vista: ;)

1. Type "services.msc" in RUN or Startmenu Searchbox and press <Enter>.
2. It'll open "Services" window. Now double-click on any service listed in right-side pane.
3. It'll open that service Properties box.

So whats the bug?

4. Just hover your mouse cursor over the "Close" (X) button in Properties box and you'll see the BUG.

The close button will start blinking like a tube-light. Must be a bug in DWM (Desktop Window Manager). :p


I had noticed this sometime bak.. i thot it was some flaw wid da visual style i had used!! :)
well.. i guess its a bug then!! :grin:
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