1. Vishal Gupta

    DID YOU KNOW? IE7 BUGS & Goof-ups

    UPDATE: Don't forget to visit following similar threads: DID YOU KNOW? Windows Live Mail BUGs & Goof-ups DID YOU KNOW? Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups NOTEPAD BUG: Found by Vishal Gupta a.k.a. Mr. Vista OK Guys! Now its time for IE7 Goof-up. :D Today I found an interesting goof-up in IE7. I...
  2. Vishal Gupta

    DID YOU KNOW? Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups

    Guys! As u all know Vista is out and I'm using it since many months. :D So in this period I hv found lots of interesting things, a few of them can be called goof-ups. I. hv posted about such interesting facts here: *
  3. GameAddict

    Solaris 9 ISO's Burning?

    Hi, Got Solaris 9(x86) ISO's. Some are bootable. Has anybody burnt them to CD's? Please let me know any goof-ups you made and how to avoid them, so as to avoid unworkable/corrupt/coaster CD's. Any inputs are welcome! :) Bye! GA
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