1. Zangetsu

    Amazon account was hacked!!

    Interesting Read... In her post, Pillai has also raised some very pertinent questions regarding the rules and regulations governing online shopping not only in India, but world over. These include: * The lack of speedy crisis response and language support for customers in emergency situations...
  2. jackal_79

    The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it

    Interesting Topic! Source attached The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it - Feature - TechRepublic
  3. nomad47

    Steam Sale Update 2k14

    hey guys, I know there is a PC game deals section. But I think steam sales deserve a dedicated thread. Please update the interesting deals here as they go online. I will try my best whenever am online in steam. Requesting help from everyone.
  4. M

    Which is good LG Optimus L9 II (2013) or LG L9 (2014)

    Found interesting specs for both LG phone. Here is comparision: which one is better to opt?
  5. Nerevarine

    Interesting Bachelor cooking recipes

    Share your interesting bachelor recipes .. Must not involve any major hassle and to cook ASAP .. Typically with Microwave/Induction cooker etc
  6. Hrishi

    Share your Favourite Websites.

    Okay , most of us spend lots of time Surfing through the web hunting for websites with interesting contents , humorous articles , and good reads. Please , Share your findings and your favourite web destinations , where you often crash at. If possible please provide a breif description and good...
  7. tkin

    [Discussion]An Interesting Trend in the High End Mobile Market!!

    Hey guys, now as all you know I had suffered a lot in the hands of micromax, but when the A116 came out I was tempted to buy it, but the horrific thoughts of running to service center kept me away from it, now I was reading some comments here: Micromax A116 Canvas HD - User opinions and reviews...
  8. vickybat

    AMD 2013 APUs To Include ARM Cortex-A5 Processor

    Interesting piece of news. Source
  9. R

    How To Build Best Aeroplane in the World

    We all tried to a paper plane when we where small. But sometime it didn't worked as we thought. Check out This interesting pdf that describes every single step required to make World's best Paper airplane
  10. windchimes

    Inviting you to take part in this survey on animated contents

    Hello Digitians, Requesting you all to visit here for this interesting survey on animated contents Please add your valuable insights to it . Cheers!!
  11. F

    Help : CCNA or MCTS or Oracle DBA

    I am pursuing my B.Tech ( 2nd year) MY college is providing three academies : 1. MCTS (.NET) 2.CCNA 4 modules 3.Oracle DBA Tell me which one to choose for better career ?? I like networking and database both ...but I want to know which one will be more interesting and innovative to...
  12. rhasta

    BE Printing Technology - Interesting to study or boring?

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if printing technology is interesting or boring? I might apply for BE Printing technology at Manipal University so I needed an expert opinion..
  13. cute.bandar

    Ultimate example of why using pirated or stolen software is a bad idea

    I am guy who uses a lot of pirated software. But am quickly moving away from that. Here is a great example of can happen if stolen software is used. Its kind of interesting as well. Read here: its kind of long , but very interesting. Damn Interesting The Farewell Dossier
  14. N

    How big is a yottabyte ?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. So i thought i should begin posting something interesting.. I got one interesting stuff from which i think u must read. Its an infographic which shows how big is a yottabyte.. Am attaching the infgraphic here.. Also mentioned source below...
  15. Gauravs90

    Interesting sites on net

    I stumble upon sites and came across some sites that are really interesting. And I really want to share interesting sites with TDF members. So here Some of them goes: learn morse code Your Age On Other Worlds (It means your age on other planets) ---------- Post added at 05:01 PM...
  16. static_x

    Now this is what i call a Computer CHASIS!!!!! (Must See)

    Thermal Take Level 10 Aluminium Case It carries a whopping $750 price tag... For more info follow the link: the most interesting part is the following comment posted on a website: I was going to buy a...
  17. FilledVoid

    For the Chess Fans

    There used to be an age old thread on TDF with some interesting Chess puzzles. I was doing my daily round of Nunn's puzzles (A classic group of chess puzzles) and found an interesting question. So if anyone is interested be free to post their solutions and questions too :D . White to...
  18. D

    Please help!!

    can anybody suggest me seminar topic on any upcoming or future technology... which is interesting and can make audience to be seate for atleast half an hour
  19. blondie

    Do we use computers this much?

    I was going through the google trends regarding OS at the end of last year and found it interesting that India ranks top in both Windows and Linux usage, but no way near in Apple, quite apparently. Sort it...
  20. yogi7272

    5mp cam tests ..

    interesting read this one ..
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