1. blackedition91

    [Query] G Skill India warranty duration?

    Hey guys, I had bought my RAM sticks back in June 2010 online from SMC International - Delhi. They have started throwing up a lot of errors. So, I'd like to RMA them. Back then, the sales guy had told me that the warranty for GSkill in India is 5 years(I am not able to find that...
  2. Z

    call & sms details

    hi room, i want to acces call duration( total recieved calls duration and total outgoing calls duration) and msg log ( msgs sent and recieved with number details & if possible time & date details as well) in samsung pop and samsung fit..i'm just not able to find it ( used to do it all the time...
  3. Alok

    TDF "BAN" thread

    Hey guys ! I noticed many user having banned as their sig.:-D post here your ban record, reason and duration. And this thread is meant only for fun, don't take in wrong way, please. Here's mine= Times banned - never reason - probably i don't troll ! duration - N/A.
  4. MatchBoxx

    Short-term Multimedia Courses in Kolkata

    Hi, i want to learn "Adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, dream weaver, director, sound forge, coreldraw, 3D Max" etc. Advice me of good institutes in Kolkata please. DOEACC Society [http://www.doeacckolkata.in/] (Kolkata Centre) offers these for 15k. Duration is 6 months (3days/week). Any...
  5. T

    Help Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Im a Btech result waiting guy..but i dont think I will complete it due some personal affairs.Guys I want a job now itself..I have done CCNA,MSCE. I hav gt 75% in +2.Or can u suggest some less duration diploma cousre in computer science.Plz Can U Help me..Im in a very incredibly worst...
  6. ithehappy

    APC BR1100CI-IN Back Up Duration

    Well it's not a review but I thought I should share this info :). My recently purchased APC BR1100CI-IN UPS gave me 24 minutes back up till it went to constant low battery beeping, I didn't give it a chance to go completely dead. The PC was in Idle, I was surfing net only. (You can see the specs...
  7. clerkman1612

    Web Development course 4 months duration n Rs 8000 total fee?

    8-)I am already doing web designing course. My teacher said me it is 3 months duration + 1 month project duration. She charged Rs 9000 for it. Now I m also more interested in web development. She said it is 4 months duration course and charging Rs 8000 for it. Obviously I have not joined web...
  8. M


    I am thinking about joining top gun technologies @bangalore for CCIE. i got a broacher from them stating that if I opt for CCIE, there is no need to do CCNA & CCNP. total package cost comes around 2.5 lacks including certification.course duration is for 6 months. is it worth to spend...
  9. K

    MBA Banking and Finance

    I am looking for MBA in Banking and finance, does any university provide this course and what are the duration and the fees
  10. M

    Software required for tracking net connection time

    Can anybody tell me if there is a software available for keeping a track of when a PC was connected and disconnected to internet(and also the duration) and what was the IP address for that particular session, even if the second feature is not available in the software it's all right.
  11. Renny

    Ethical hacking courses.

    Are there any good Ethical Hacking course centers in Bangalore? And also please mention the fees and duration.
  12. M

    Tool required for monitoring connnection!

    Please suggest me a good software that monitors my internet connection and keeps the log as when was i connected to internet and disconnected from it, the duration the connection was active and the data transfered within the time.. Thanks in advance.
  13. bajaj151

    Course suggestion

    My friend wants to do computer course in delhi. I am suggesting him to go for Networking course...what do you suggest ? Suggest a course which have good scope in future and duration not exceeding 3 yrs... do tell me the Institute Name and address if possible (in delhi) Thanks...
  14. pulkit_aga

    headphone help please

    i want to buy headphone within price of 1000rs.mainly for music and movies.i will be using it for long duration so they should be comfortable. i looked into ep 630 which has good sound but they are in earphones and i think i will not be able to use them for long hours. please suggest which is...
  15. rhitwick

    Coming to B'lore

    Hey guys, comin to B'lore this 30th. Would be staying wid ma frnd @Marathelli (I guess, I've spelt it right) Would return on 2nd May night. What r d places I can visit within this short (short bole to micro) duration? B/W, if any of u stays near by, would like to meet...:lol:
  16. C

    coolant paste problem..

    Can anyone give me any details on a coolant paste available in India. I would prefer arctic silver and anywhere in east India. Also, please tell me the price and the duration for which a tube would last. I have a Intel core2duo.
  17. bharat_r

    need info abt CCNA certification

    I'd like to know a few things about CCNA. Do I need to attend classes to write the exam? if yes, how long will be the course duration? Or can I take up the exams on my own? Which institute is good for CCNA in Chennai? thanking you <-
  18. krishnandu.sarkar

    How Can I Know Last Accessed Time Of My PC

    hey..........frndz is thr any way i mean any command or sumthn lyk that to know when my pc last turned on n the duration.......?????? or sumthing frm which i can know the last accessed tym of my pc????? thnx in adv.......plz help.........its urgent....!!!!
  19. Maverick340

    Time Duration Cell Format in Excel

    I am making a worksheet in which i need to calculate the total hours of duration. I have a cell column which has number of hours in the format of hh:mm. See the below screenshot of further details : What i want is the total number of hours/minutes at the end. However the format i have set...
  20. MetalheadGautham

    BSNL broadband downtimes

    Hi All! I am sick of the huge number of downtimes BSNL dataone broadband has. So I thought I may create this thread, where people may post the time and duration of any downtime they might have had. Let me start: 26/5/2008 3:20 PM to 27/5/2008 11:45 PM
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