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[Congrats Anandk] WinVistaClub Featured on WindowsHelp Website

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Read this on his blog this morning. The site sure is making it's presence felt. Rock on Sir!


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
Anand Khanse (Windows - Shell/User)
Having graduated in MBA (Finance), Anand C Khanse worked in the Corporate Sector for a couple of years, in Systems & Merchant Banking, before deciding to set-up his own business. He is engaged in the business of Outdoor Advertising. He has been a Rotarian and is a Member of the Pune Festival Committee. He is also a member of The Poona Club Ltd.

Anand Khanse is passionate about this new-found 'hobby' called Windows! He loves Vista and XP Trouble-Shooting & Optimization; and is knowledgeable about Malware Removal Methods & 3rd Party Application Support. Participating in online Forum activities & Sharing, is his way of giving back what he has learnt! Website: www.winvistaclub.com
Rock on!
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