1. gurujee

    featured image shown as link in wordpress

    hi, i am new to wordpress & cms. recently working on my own site and used WP as CMS. using 'widely' of themes kingdom as my theme. almost everything is running OK till i worked on setting featured image. everytime i set one featured image it is shown as a link and thats why not appearing at...
  2. blueshift

    Need Website featured in Mumbai Mirror-Help

    There is this specific website that I am looking which was featured on Sci-tech page in Mumbai Mirror maybe 8-9 days earlier(don't know the exact date). On that website, we choose any of the mail letter designs, take a printout and then write anything on that letter. Please if somebody can...
  3. karnivore

    Beijing Olympics: One tiny fake & one fiery fake

    The tiny fake: Read more... The fiery fake Read more... Some people on this forum just can't get enough of China. Well....
  4. Vishal Gupta

    [Congrats Anandk] WinVistaClub Featured on WindowsHelp Website

    Hello guys Here is a great news which I would like to share with everyone. Our fellow Digitian "Anand Khanse" is again on fire. His site WinVistaClub is now being featured on "Microsoft Windows Help Website": ;) *windowshelp.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/community/allcommunities.mspx Its...
  5. Gigacore

    Congrats Vishal Gupta! His themes are featured in Digit DVD!

    Finally.. our Vishal's themes are featured on this month's Digit DVD. Even his name is published on Page 11 in the mad.. oops mag. CONGRADULATIONS DUDE
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