1. G

    google homepage unknown string at address bar

    I kept google.co.in as homepage at opera 12.16 and windows 7.when I go to google.co.in from new page shortcut the site navigates to google.co.in and some new unknown string at address bar each time for e.g"https://www.google.co.in/webhp?tab=ww&ei=x9yUUtiJKsm3rgfcq4GoBA&ved=0CBMQ1S4" my question...
  2. bubusam13

    Google is not my homepage anymore

    Today I removed Google as my homepage and selected Yahoo.in as my new home page. IF you ask why then it is Google's over smartness. It is good that Google now support many Indian language. But the power of deciding what language to use while surfing must rest in the hand of users. My...
  3. balakrish

    Behind Google's today(keyboard) homepage?

    hi friends! As you might have already noticed google's today homepage really rocks.Instead of calling it a homepage,doodle is the correct word. Lemme come to the point. Which language is behind this keyboard doodle? As i know, it runs by JS or AJAX. Anyways, whenever the...
  4. pramudit

    Think Digit New Homepage :)

    Think Digit New Homepage is now online...... The page is now completely changed with lots of new features like video gallery on main page etc... Do share your views.... and a big thanks to ICO and all other admins & people behind the scene for such a great effort in providing us better...
  5. A

    Problem with in built browser

    Hello friends, I am using galaxy ace. The apache tomcat server was automatically installed on my phone yesterday. When I try to access the internet(docomo) from the in built browser the tomcat homepage is displayed(Though I have set google as homepage , the one of tomcat is displayed). When...
  6. reniarahim1

    Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) Released

    Ubuntu 11.04 is released and is available for download from Homepage | Ubuntu
  7. C

    Ubuntu v/s Linux Mint

    Guys, If you have used both Ubuntu and Linux Mint, I need your thoughts on both. Ubuntu Homepage: Ubuntu homepage | Ubuntu Linux Mint Homepage: Main Page - Linux Mint I am using ubuntu at home but want to switch to Linux Mint as I am fascinated with its visual effects and...
  8. Sumeet_naik

    Homepage showing link to CMS and not the CMS directly

    Hi, I bought a site http://eminencemit.in/ and installed Joomla (CMS) on the site through one-click install(Elefante free-scripts). But the CMS gets installed in http://eminencemit.in/joomla_1.5.9 and the homepage shows a FTP like path structure and I need to click on the joomla link to get to...
  9. ax3

    Twitter addon 4 Firefox ! ! !

    any 1 using twitter addon 4 firefox ... i have tried powertwitter bt u need 2 visit twitter 2 use it ... any other 4 which u dont have 2 visit twitter homepage ???
  10. surinder

    What is your homepage?

    Hello all, mention your current homepage here mine is Digit forum/Hardware Troubleshooting http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=20
  11. C

    Linux distros and Apple beat Microsoft’s homepage uptime

    Source Nice to see a free desktop oriented distribution like Ubuntu fare very close to the commercial and proven server grade distros Linux. The site points to unplanned downtime of 29 hours during a week-end for Arch Linux. If not for that it should have fared pretty well too, at about 24 mins.
  12. P

    webmail help

    hi all my question is that how can i access webmail from my homepage. like using a username and password box in the homepage. plz help
  13. S

    Serching for Great but Free css or html templates

    please, can any 1 suggest me any good site for free templates for mine homepage??
  14. hullap

    Lets Play Online. WORMUX! (TBS)

    WORMUX as you must have guessed its a clone of the popular game 'WORMS' its FOSS, and cross platform too :) SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD this game is of 54MB :| http://www.wormux.org/wiki/en/download.php This game even has a live cd to play, COOL :> Binaries are avilable forLinux Windows Mac...
  15. Vishal Gupta

    [Congrats Anandk] WinVistaClub Featured on WindowsHelp Website

    Hello guys Here is a great news which I would like to share with everyone. Our fellow Digitian "Anand Khanse" is again on fire. His site WinVistaClub is now being featured on "Microsoft Windows Help Website": ;) http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/community/allcommunities.mspx Its...
  16. A

    filehippo.com gets new design...

    Popular freeware/shareware download site Filehippo.com has a new design to its homepage. go check it out:http://www.filehippo.com/
  17. H

    Homepage attacked? Help!!!

    Whenever I set my homepage to google, yahoo, etc. some unwanted website "sujin.com.np"(which could not be opened), automatically replaced it. I am using IE6 on Windows XP professional SP2. I have scanned my computer with updated Adaware SE, Spybot Search & Destroy and also with Avast 4.7 but...
  18. CadCrazy

    Offline Ubuntu Package Center

    Hello Friends After seeing many guys without internet access @ home asking for offline packages for ubuntu, i decided to create this thread where we can share offline packages. You can also request for packages not listed here. Here is list : Graphics Driver : Audio/Video : CD/DVD...
  19. alsiladka

    Opera Mobile 9 Beta coming soon

    Saw this on the Opera Mobile homepage -
  20. J

    Not Opening Default Homepage

    i set http://google.com as the default homepage of I.E.7 ... but when i click I.E, it opens http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=54834 not google. pls help
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