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  1. P

    Goddamn worm!!!!

    i unwittingly had clicked on a suspicious facebook link which led to my computer being affected by a worm called the "slenfbot.gen!g".quick heal did not detect anything. this led to two things happening. 1) i got alerts from windows action centre about the worm and had the option to delete...
  2. R


    I'm infected! Further Info here, http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md5=ece368095941a667a78853c88b93166b Have to admit, on my hard disk I've all files ktly.exe wbj.exe and autorun.inf Had them all removed using MalwareBytes' but they've reappeared. Is this worm a relatively...
  3. M

    Conflicker.C Worm is Going to Strike again on 1st April 2009

    Conflicker.C Worm is Going to Strike again on 1st April 2009 A variant of Dangerous Conflickr Worm, know an Conflickr.C, is Going to Strike Again on 1 April 2009. Check out following Image to view How this Worm Attacks Computers (Click to Enlarge): Read More Here :arrow:Removal...
  4. topgear

    Microsoft Puts $250K Bounty on Worm Author

    Microsoft is putting on the pressure in a movement that could see the catch of the Conficker worm author – the worst Internet worm outbreak in years. A bounty payment of $250,000 is on the table. Microsoft is also working with security researchers, domain name registrars, and the Internet...
  5. NucleusKore

    Clock ticking on worm attack code

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7832652.stm Experts are warning that hackers have yet to activate the payload of the Conficker virus. The worm is spreading through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without current security updates. The malicious program - also...
  6. Rockstar11

    Computer Worm Goes Out Of Control

    A computer virus attacking Microsoft Windows has infected almost nine million machines and is spreading faster than ever before. Experts say the worm has "skyrocketed" in recent days. It is sweeping through thousands of offices in the UK and has affected computers at the Ministry of...
  7. NucleusKore

    Three million hit by Windows worm

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7832652.stm A worm that spreads through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without the latest security updates is posing a growing threat to users. The malicious program, known as Conficker, Downadup, or Kido was first discovered in...
  8. bondashar

    comuters and worms and faulty explorer

    my comp is steadily getting slow... very slow.. i hav 2 type and leave it 4 da words 2 appear... my AV detects a worm called..Robknot!generic... and whenever i open my documents.. it stops responding... i am sad... but i think this is the end...
  9. R

    Problem with virusgaurd.vbs

    Hi, when i start my system an error message shown saying access denied to C:/windows/system32/virusgaurd.vbs and my AVG anti virus says that its an worm. what can i do about it. please help.
  10. A

    Help me in removing this virus :-(

    My brothers laptop is affected by a virus/worm/trojan/spyware which has blocked access to Orkut. Whenever someone tries to go to Orkut, a message box is displayed- "Orkut is banned you fool. This has not been done by your system administrator, guess who has done this. MUHAHA" and a cackling...
  11. T

    Spreading Worm Hits Nokia Handsets

  12. ayush_chh

    Deadly computer worm on the prowl

    NEW DELHI: A potentially dangerous computer worm called Storm has been silently infecting computers in India, creating a pathway into the system which can be exploited, either to steal data or flood your e-mail account with spams. Having enticing subjects lines, the spam mails containing the...
  13. RCuber

    Breaking News: Worm found in Apple.

    WARNING:NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED Top security expert has found that apple does have worms and holes. This makes apple very vunerable to attack, and risk users of this worm. The name of the worm is not yet known. Here is the proof. Open the link at your own risk.. dont blame me later...
  14. Batistabomb

    how to kill this autorun worm

    guys whwnever i doubleclick my c: or d: or any drives it was starting in a new window,autorun feature is enabled here,this is a worm how can i kill this
  15. M

    Sasser worm infection

    i have both win98 and xp sp2 installed on my system.Now whenever i load xp ,it shows a message box saying 'file not found' with the title 'lsass.exe'.The same happens in safe mode and command prompt.So im am not able to open xp at all.Is it the sasser worm virus? Is there anything i can do to...
  16. Gigacore

    iMav is a Virus, says Symantec

    Symantec says iMav is a Virus So beware of our iMav Look where i found
  17. iMav

    Potter's eagerness may make ur pc a deathly hallow

    A new Harry Potter-themed worm is making its way into USB drives across the globe, posing as a file containing a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the eagerly-anticipated final novel in the Harry Potter series. Web security firm, Sophos has warned computer users of the worm called...
  18. techtronic

    WORM SPREAD - Skype worm jumps to ICQ, MSN

    A new variant of the Stration worm, which has been plaguing Windows users for the past year, has made the jump from Skype to the ICQ and MSN Messenger networks.This latest variant popped up earlier this week, according to Chris Boyd, a researcher at FaceTime Communications, who blogs under the...
  19. Kiran.dks

    NEWS UPDATE: OpenOffice worm downloads bunny porn

    OpenOffice worm downloads bunny porn Malware targets Windows, Mac and Linux computers A newly discovered worm targeting OpenOffice attempts to download indecent JPEG images onto compromised PCs. Sophos warned today that Badbunny-A, a macro worm for OpenOffice/StarBasic that also drops scripts...
  20. techtronic

    WORM BEWARE : New Worm Targets Portable Memory Drives

    Researchers from security vendor Sophos say a new worm targeting removable drives, called the SillyFD-AA worm, searches for removable drives such as floppy disks and USB memory sticks and creates a hidden autorun.inf file which makes the worm execute the next time the device is connected to a...
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