chennai vs bangalore

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^I too love india..But when it comes Karnataka and Tamilnadu(other state) my vote goes to Karnataka(Heaven of earth)


Bangalore Rocks *

post a poll !! and see the result *


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Obviously the results will be skewed. All depends on how much Chennai or B'lore members are voting. :)

But don't think just by adding a poll, you can sweep it. We have a very strong "Tamil Maps" community here. :twisted:


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praka123- you know lots of things man, i think u are a little negative towards bangalore. About the name calling, why do malyalees call tamils as pandi? and what is kandu(any meaning?)


is this a "serious" thread or "just for fun" thread?

i hope its the later.


b'lore is obviusly cool place to hang out, but if you live there for few days, man it gets really boring, coz the city's small, not much places. get employed there, live for a year & you're like a drug addict(the looks).

Chennai, its lagging behind B'lore coz of the local corrupt govt.
Chennai doesnt gets boring, if you get bored, you can go for a ECR (highway) ride, theme parks, beach (nvr gets boring), pondy (NEVER:p)....& sooooo on, if you really get bored, the you can goto b'lore:p for weekend ..., but i prefer Pondy, as its near & the stuff's cheaper:p


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casual_gamer said:
praka123- you know lots of things man, i think u are a little negative towards bangalore. About the name calling, why do malyalees call tamils as pandi? and what is kandu(any meaning?)
really? :D thanks.
Well,I dont want to say...but Malayalee's call Tamil(especially),Andhra,Karnataka immigrants Paandi.and that word is anyway not a dignifying term,although that means those from Pandya kingdom.leave this thing.
Tam=tamil,Kandu=Kannadiga =>Just a short form. ;)


well guys....
i didnt thought this thread will make this much discussions..

ofcourse bangalore is an ideal place for peoples who earns more than 20k per month and no other dependencies , bcoz thos guys have plenty of options like pubs, pizza huts , barista..etc

but come out of the box and thing about middle class peoples (ie very less in bangalore )they are majority in india.
for travelling in the city itself u need 30rs buspass , just for seeing the movie in multiplex u have to spend minimum of 150rs.
check the rent for ur house it is climbing in rocket speed (beware by february it will again increase bcz goverment is going to revise all kind of tax in the city bcz bagalore has got the a1 status(that chennai got in 40 years back))

in the case of chennai bus expense is that must cheap that bangloreans cant beleive , for 7.50rs u can travel 30 km(in ordinary bus)

in the case of multiplexes 90rs is the maximum rate in "satyam cinemas" that considered to be the best cinema halls in india

and now state gvt has introduced new rule that each and every theatre in chennai that include multiplexes sholud give tickets of rs 10(could u believe this)

u may thing am a chennaite..
sorry guys am basically from kerala..
and nw in bangalore....


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You got it wrong man.

Satyam Cinemas got 7 screen (6 operational + 1 under renovation). Only in Satyam, it's Rs 90, 100 & 120 and Santham Rs 75 & 90. Rest of the screens in Satyam is Rs 120.

Plus it was the move by TN Govt that none of the cinemas in Chennai/TN should charge more than Rs 120 (initially at Rs 90 but they reverted back). The following cinemas in Chennai charge Rs 120:
1. Satyam Cinemas (but for Satyam and Santham)
3. Mayajaal (ECR man!)
4. Swarna Sakthi Abhirami (with 'airline seats' and those partial flat seats)

Rest of the Cinemas in Chennai (AFAIK) charge Rs 35 - Rs 90. Isn't that VFM? Also *ALL* Cinemas in Chennai/TN got Rs 10 ticket!



ok yaarr...

when i was in chennai this was the figures...

my point is only to show the difference of 2 cities
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