chennai vs bangalore

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lets start comparison between 2 metros in india
hi guys..
me basically from kerala...
i was in chennai for last 1 year..
bt nw am in bangalore....

in my view both has +ves and -ves..
1 : city infrastrucure is good
2 : roads are good , big enogh to tackle traffic
3: metro is already implemented
4: lots of job opportunity not only in IT bt also in many other core companies like hyundai,tvs,ford,samsung,nokia......

1: worst climate..
2: water problem
3: northie guys also face problem with language

1: excellent climate
2: cosmopolitan
3: silicon valley of india
4: right place for pub lovers
1: very expensive (for seeinfg cinema u need to pay min of 150rs)
2: infrastructure is bad(roads are too small)
3: metro rail is in dreams only...
4: there is no other big industries than IT

i hope it is going to be a cool debate


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this is a hot topic out there!all tams supports only Madras,while kandus are there to bash tams.leave this topic :D
for eg:
^ i too tried and stopped after few posts :-|

But for me,Madras is a big and old malayalees will feel the alienation due to language problem there.while Bangalore is tauted as a north indian(Delhi) city in south india.Bangalore is for its climate and cosmopolitan people :)


obviously bangalore .. why are you comparing a hi tech city to a low tech city man
the comparion is void and makes no sense

its like lion vs sheep

bangalore is the reasearch hub for many companies

its also known as the knowledge city !


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^fellow,Madras is still bigger than Benglooru.also Madras preserves its culture along with development.where can u travel for Rs6.5 35kms?In Kerala i have to pay Rs22! among other things.if the hatred is due to tamils never mind the Hindi speaking peoples,then it is the loss of Hindi and north :lol:


a_k_s_h_a_y said:
why are you comparing a hi tech city to a low tech city man

bangalore is the reasearch hub for many companies

chennai, low tech? :|
pls clarify.

chennai has R&D's of major Auto makers.

heard of Apollo hospitals, Sankara Nethralaya...???

Chennai is known as South Asia's Detroit :p

Chennai has one of Asia's largest bus stations, CMBT.

Chennai has World's second longest Beach :p

B'lore ke paas kya hai?



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No.chennai is huge!its city limit is 60 Kms afaik.Chennai take care of all people employment by concentrating on all sectors.while Bengalooru was just a tourist hill station grown out of propotion due to IT revoltn and Hindi understanding locals.

Madras is the last word for anything in south india during the past before Bengalooru emerges up.
as a Malayali,(am now 28 ) I remember while i was a kid,people are either going for major shopping to madras during old days,i mean upto 1995 maybe.but Bangalore suddenly expanded due to IT boom and its climate favoured ofcourse for shopping and pubbing,modern lifestyle ofcourse Bengalooru/Pune/Bombay are the cities.

Madras is different!.

PS: akshay:I think ur new to south india :confused: :?: u dont know Madras :?:
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ofcourse chennai still kepping its wonderful tradition ,while bangalore is trying to follow western culture..
it is normal in bangalore to see gals smoking while it is unusual in chennai

on which angle r u saying chennai is low tech city..
u must keep in mind IT is not only industry..
chennai is called as automobile capital of india
50% vehicles using in india are come from chennai..
it is also called detroit of india


This is really bad.. Post a POLL

Bangalore Will WIN



i dont thing so buddy....
make ur comments .....
it will keep the thread strong...
i really hate b'glore and chennai. only people who call them civilised (mostly uncivilised) live there (majority).
I live in a village and now it is also slowly turning out to be attracted towards what they call CULTURE, HITECH ETC.


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I dunno why you guys are fighting on a issue like this! This is the reason why we don't develop. We keep fighting and criticizing each other in spite ofknowing our own flaws. Nothing is perfect.

Haf any of you seen NOIDA? or Chandigarh? or Gurgaon? Why are they developing at that pace? The general tendency is: doesn't matter if we don't develop but we won't let anyone else develop too! People in south India are selfish (I'm not pointing at everyone, but majority are). People don't wanna share. They can't stand when someone progresses more than them. They wanna pull them down. I'm saying this coz I've experienced this in south India but thats not the case in north India (mostly, not all as I said). Mind you I AM A SOUTH INDIAN, I AM A KANNADIGA!

We need to take lessons from those cities and improve ourselves instead of fighting on issues like: Which is better, Chennai or Bangalore???
infra_red_dude said:
We need to take lessons from those cities and improve ourselves instead of fighting on issues like: Which is better, Chennai or Bangalore???

I agree with you...

Lessons which we (our culture) has long been forgotten.


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Ofcourse bangalore dude.You are going to have hell lot of language problems in chennai.Believe me these people dont understand even hindi forget about english.
I visited chennai around 2yrs back god what a horrible experience.I visted some water park(something near marina beach blah blah not sure)and even those people couldnt understand my simple english:shock:
But language is not at all a problem in Bangalore:) Infact my dad is in b'lore from over 12years and still he doesnt know proper kannada:oops: but he never ever faced any problem with language.
And the other most horrible thing was its climate!Its just HOT and HOT no other words.
Climate in Bangalore : I guess no need to explain.Best climate(favourable) in the country.
And many of you may say there is lot of traffic in b'lore.Yes! It is. But not that much! I travel around 45km per day in the core city(from Airport Road through M.G Road and Vidhan Saudha), but i havent experienced any serious problems with the traffic.

So BANGALORE on TOP.No competition for it! :)
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a_k_s_h_a_y said:
bangalore is also big.. think logically here man !
u mean to say chennai has more population ??
Having pubs and IT doesn't make Bangalore lion before Sheep.

Remember one thing: Chennai has the political power that can shake up central government.

Chennai generates far more revenue than what Bangalore generates.

Chennai has better airport than bangalore
chennai has better rail&road infrastructure than bangalore
chennai has more number of companies than bangalore (FYI, I meant companies in every technology)

Bangalore has R&D offices but most of them are for Army and airforce. They do not generate revenues.

Remember one thing, It is cities like Chennai and Mumbai that drive this country forward.


Chennai future depends on their own work.


Bangalore has its own pros and cons

Chennai has its own Pros and Cons

Bangaloreans Loves Bangalore

Chennai People loves Chennai.

If Bangaloreans love chennai and chennai people love bangalore.. its their wish..

No more comment

This thread is........


about heatlh forget appollo

bangalore has best hospitals and attracts many foreigners and north indians .

just remember that pakistani girl who had come to b'lore for heart treatment
and also the operation that happened last week .. of that conjoined twins
infact many many foreigners come to b'lore and not chennai !

now in b'lore Health city is being constructed just like Electronics City

praka i am no north indian .. i speak kannda and have been in karnataka since birth !


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if u put a poll,B"lore surey win.B'lore makes it easy for anyone from india or outside.thanks to Multilingual people(natives) there.even i can see that karnataka is itself divided into different cultural areas(no,offense!).see,for eg:
Mangalore,Udupi(& kasaragode some parts in Keral) belt is basically a tuluva(TULU language)speaking area.also konkani too.but they talks kannada outside to communicate.also kodagu(Coorg) got its own different culture.and from Hubli-Dharawad upwards Marathi population is huge and they keeps their Marathi lang with them and use Kannada for communications.while westcoast of karnataka is populated hugely by Konkani's(GSB's afaik) basically Mysooru-Bengalooru belt is where only Kannada is the native lang for most although many are telegu descendents.
^^^these all facts makes a kannadiga learning different languages including Hindi.
And anywhere Hindi is embraced or better understood,North Indians prefer that City/Place Obviously.
So Chennai/Madras lost in this case.
But FYI,germans,italians,chinese,russians all respect and use their lang.if some outsider have to live there,u have to learn the language.thats why be in Rome,live like a it is NOT the fault of Madras.
and Tamils most are very hardworking people mostly labours.they are behind other southern states in quality of living. :).but the dedication of TN State gov is it Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi,both will and their MP's,ministers all strive hard to make TN better.for eg:is the salem railway division formed newly, making Palghat division(keral) orphaned :(

Chennai City is something different i experianced than in some other cities.
all quoted by my own stay at Mangalore,Mysore,Bangalore :D and Chennai,Coimbatore!


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IT is a major contributor. Yes. But all that bangalore has is IT.

If you take Chennai, it plays big role in lot of industries.

Remember what happened to IT after 9/11? it's so fragile and unpredictable.
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