1. TheLetterD

    News: Moto Defy Mini announced!

    MOTOROLA DEFYâ„¢ MINI - It's life proof, for longer. Official product promo. - YouTube Moto Defy Mini Announced! Expected release : Q1 2012 +ves: 1650 mah battery all the defy-rugged-goodness AND a front facing camera -ves: a 600 MHz proccy only It has a 3.2 inch 320 x 480 screen If it...
  2. Baker

    chennai vs bangalore

    lets start comparison between 2 metros in india hi guys.. me basically from kerala... i was in chennai for last 1 year.. bt nw am in bangalore.... in my view both has +ves and -ves.. chennai +ves 1 : city infrastrucure is good 2 : roads are good , big enogh to tackle traffic 3: metro is...
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