chennai vs bangalore

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@desiibond:exactly.for south india it was Madras,Hyderabad,Bangalore the ranking was IT had changed everything!.hatred btwn kannadigas and Tamils,the mudshots between them.riots in Bangalore esp jayanagar(afaik) where K*ngas-as they call Tamils are looted,beated all for veerappan-rajkumar issue,kaveri water issues etc.
I dont want to talk this.but i said regrets,let the reality be open.anywhere Tamils go they are predated for their strict talking of Tamil-others hates this.Most Tamils will not learn any language even after staying outside TN for longtime(personal experiance with many TN friends).

and also remember Bala Thakare during 1960's forced,killed South Indians in then called Bombay to return to their own native places.the slogan was/is "Aamchi Mumbai" and the same devil habit is showing up in B'lore.In Kannad it is "Mannina Maga".I know it is due to the hatred toward TN people that many are favouring B'lore.Only Malayalees are able to make live fine in Madras in a sudden move.others have to take time to learn Tamizh or English+Tamil to live in TN or Madras.


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Hmmm.... here I come. :D

For the negatives:
1. Water Problem
Who said man? I'm living here for 23 years and not a single year we've had water problems. 80% of Chennai people won't have water problem. Here we get metro water and bore water which is more than sufficient.

2. worst climate
"worst"? Been to middle east? Even in the desert, I felt the climate was not bad as people perceive it. For the past 3 days I was not able to sleep properly. It's too cold for me. For your information: it's not raining.

3. language problem
This might be the only genuine problem, but things are a lot better now. People who say we need to speak in tamil only must have visited Chennai 5 years ago. :)


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Just returned from chennia yesterday nite.. yes it was cold for two days. Humidity in the day was also not much


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Whatever you say guys.............Bangalore is better than Chennai or even any other city.
PS: I said b'lore is better.I never said chennai isnt good.
Now you people may think that iam a bangalorean so i support b'lore.If it is so you people are completely mistaken.
Because iam an HYDERABADI ! Yes! I was born there and completed my schooling there but doing my higher studies in b'lore.Still i stay in hyd for around ~60days in an year.
To be frank Hyderabad is the dirtiest capital i have ever seen!:mad:

And remember guys Karnataka never had a proper govt(except S.M Krishna),still b'lore continued and continuing and contiues to remain as IT capital of India.But Chennai(TN) had a stable govt for many years and still has! If you see the software export stats,Bangalore is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of other cities.
And Bangalore is in top 4th cities world wide in software exports
Let alone your chennai or even my Hyderabad:D

I know this thread is not about software,but iam just speaking few facts.

And onemore point for you people to think:
If chennai is better than bangalore,then why would people from all over the world come to bangalore?Just think about it.

I would suggest you to start a poll.


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I'm not into politics.. I love Bangalore mainly because of weather.. I lived there for 5 years. Its cool and I'll be back to Bangalore soon. BTW Bangalore made me vegetarian too... :grin:


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^I think it is because of IT boom people are there in Bangalore.else as a Hill Station(u know B'lore is at 970MSL).Madras is a real city.Bangalore is a village grown out of proportion one can imagine.


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I know praka's post is not pointing me but I agree with him. If you go little far from central bangalore, you'll get the picture.


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amitava82 said:
I'm not into politics.. I love Bangalore mainly because of weather.. I lived there for 5 years. Its cool and I'll be back to Bangalore soon. BTW Bangalore made me vegetarian too... :grin:

BGL made you vegetarian? hmm. Tell us how. :)


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a_k_s_h_a_y said:
it means hopeless , dabba item or 3rd Class thing

or anything that's $hitty
No, it doesn't. Jujubi means: simple thing or not much of importance.

Loved the ICL Ad. For once I thought Superstar is coming! OMG!
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