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Meebo is an Ajax instant messaging client that works with major instant messaging services, including AOL, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Jabber. It launched a private release on September 4, 2005, and it was publicly released on September 14, 2005 and has had many major revisions since.


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Me votes for meebo. Emess sucks! Aboveall Yahoo messenger sucks the most. I find Kopete and gaim as the two best clients out there for me :) Though I also use Trillian whenever my yahoo messenger dies or am in the midst of a hate war.


Yes I love meebo too, extremely good and convient for those college PC's where installing is not allowed :))

BTW its one of the very good things developed.

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Ya i have been using meebo for a quite a long is pretty gud.but it does not have all the features tht msngrs offer u. :(


great yaar... 4 me.. now i can chat in college where chat client aint allowed.. n cant be installed..


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Detail about meebo and how to use it when it's banned in office.
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amitshahc, You are AGAIN posting links to your blog in random threads. Your blog only told about Meebo Repeater. You could have linked to their site directly. And on top of that, you are bumping old threads! This is your last warning.
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