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  1. ax3

    yahoo mail ! ! !

    hi, am trying to login to my yahoo account & it keeps me asking abt verification code ... so cant login ... i didnt mention alternate email in settings ... has any1 experienced this ??? bt can access mails through thunderbird ... how can i access it in browser ??? Thanx - - - Updated - - -...
  2. baiju

    Help - Cannot access search websites like google or yahoo

    Starting from today morning, I can't access search site google.com or google.co.in or yahoo.com. When I try to open google.com I am forwarded to a page saying to update flash player. When accessing yahoo, it says to update Internet Explorer, eventhough I'm using Opera. Same problem when I tried...
  3. RBX

    Modifying Yahoo UI

    I am a Yahoo Mail user and use Firefox. There is a rule in Yahoo CSS file .wide-right-rail #shellcontent { right: 320px; } Each time on page load, I'd like it to be overridden with .wide-right-rail #shellcontent { right: 0px; } Does anyone have a solution to this, a Greasemonkey...
  4. A

    Need help in Facebook

    hi guys. I want to use the smileys in fb chat(other than the basic ones) just like i did in yahoo messenger. how to ?:shock:
  5. rst

    Post mathematic related questions here

    If you have any mathematic related question post here we can try to solve them I know yahoo answer is good platform for such things. But there is problem of uploading images in yahoo answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ maths symbols £ ω ∴ ∂ Φ...
  6. sumit_anand

    Let's go to visit Google Office

    Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
  7. H

    Funbook webcam for yahoo messsenger

    I have downloaded yahoo messenger but an neither able to receive webcam video nor broadcast webcam video during chatting. PLs help
  8. A

    Nokia 3500 Classic and Yahoo mssger

    Dear Friend, I have old Nokia 3500 CLASSIC and I have activated GPRS on it . From Web all websites are opening but not yahoo messanger (yahoo Go!) .I want to use this yahoo messanger while I select county ..It says "Yahoo ! Go configuration failed.Please restart Yahoo!Go.... What can be done to...
  9. Allu Azad

    Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details

    Sources : Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service | Ars Technica Hacking collective D33Ds Company has posted login details for more than 453,000 user accounts that it claims to have retrieved in plaintext...
  10. C

    Yahoo Mail and BSNL

    Hello, I am using BSNL 600 c plan. I am not able to access www.mail.yahoo.com from any of my browsers since 3 months. Even earlier i had problems accessing Yahoo mail. It only opens through Opera turbo which is a proxy, its ip address is My ip starts from 117.x.x.x. At the time of...
  11. ax3

    Yahoo Mail Problem ! ! !

    from yesterday, i have been facing loh-in problems with yahoo mail, anyone with similar problem ??? tried from various browsers also [IE,ff,opera & chrome] bt same result >> it says check id or password again & again
  12. socrates

    Yahoo fires CEO Carol Bartz

    And its shares climb as a result Yahoo fires CEO Carol Bartz | News | TechRadar UK What Yahoo needs now is an innovator. Boo-hoo at Yahoo as Bartz departs. What Yahoo needs now is an innovator | News | TechRadar UK
  13. lm2k

    yahoo mail password recovery

    hi friends just about 2 weeks back nearly everyone in my address book of yahoo mail started asking about an email(containing a invalid link) that i never sent and now when i try to log in to my account it says "ivalid id or password". i tried this on different pcs but got the same error so...
  14. S

    problem with yahoo mail

    recently i got strange problem in yahoo mail,i created folder jap to save my mail,but i found other folder @c@chat wich was not create by me,so how to remove that folder @c@chat,what is this?
  15. Sarath

    [SOLVED] Weird Chrome brower problem

    For a few days i.e ever since I installed chrome on my new PC running on Windows 7 I have realised that something is wrong. The experience kept deteriorating to an extent where now many web sites are unable to function properly. I will state them below: YOUTUBE: Videos dont load. First day...
  16. nisargshah95

    My sister's FB and Yahoo accounts hacked. Need some legal help.

    Hello people, now I really need your help this time. My sister's Facebook and Yahoo accounts were hacked recently and when I try to recover the Yahoo account using alternate email, I find that the alternate email address had @yahoo.com instead of @yahoo.co.in (which was the extension of her...
  17. J

    anybody experiencing the same with Yahoo...

    Whenever I try to open the yahoo web-page or yahoo mail the page does not open fully(limited graphics limited links almost a simple white page with links) ...tried 3 explorers (IE 8 (used compatibility option also) , Firefox 3.6, Opera 11) but no success....whereas other sites are f9 to work...
  18. D

    Yahoo messanger Problem

    hi. i just installed latest version of yahoo messanger i found 1 strange problem if i m chatting with some one and i type message in previous version it goes to the person with whom i m chatting ( I mean reciever person box in which what ever i typed shown ) But now after installing the...
  19. Kishal

    yahoo mail beta on opera

    Just wanted to ask this. does anyone know a way to run yahoo mail beta on opera :?:
  20. R

    Facebook, yahoo, gmail not opening in firefox

    Facebook, yahoo, gmail not opening in firefox.help.
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