1. baiju

    Help - Cannot access search websites like google or yahoo

    Starting from today morning, I can't access search site or or When I try to open I am forwarded to a page saying to update flash player. When accessing yahoo, it says to update Internet Explorer, eventhough I'm using Opera. Same problem when I tried...
  2. RBX

    Modifying Yahoo UI

    I am a Yahoo Mail user and use Firefox. There is a rule in Yahoo CSS file .wide-right-rail #shellcontent { right: 320px; } Each time on page load, I'd like it to be overridden with .wide-right-rail #shellcontent { right: 0px; } Does anyone have a solution to this, a Greasemonkey...
  3. A

    Need help in Facebook

    hi guys. I want to use the smileys in fb chat(other than the basic ones) just like i did in yahoo messenger. how to ?:shock:
  4. rst

    Post mathematic related questions here

    If you have any mathematic related question post here we can try to solve them I know yahoo answer is good platform for such things. But there is problem of uploading images in yahoo answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ maths symbols £ ω ∴ ∂ Φ...
  5. sumit_anand

    Let's go to visit Google Office

    Check out: Google's stunning new office | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! India Finance
  6. H

    Funbook webcam for yahoo messsenger

    I have downloaded yahoo messenger but an neither able to receive webcam video nor broadcast webcam video during chatting. PLs help
  7. A

    Nokia 3500 Classic and Yahoo mssger

    Dear Friend, I have old Nokia 3500 CLASSIC and I have activated GPRS on it . From Web all websites are opening but not yahoo messanger (yahoo Go!) .I want to use this yahoo messanger while I select county ..It says "Yahoo ! Go configuration failed.Please restart Yahoo!Go.... What can be done to...
  8. Allu Azad

    Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details

    Sources : Hackers Grab and Expose 453,000 Yahoo Login Details Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service | Ars Technica Hacking collective D33Ds Company has posted login details for more than 453,000 user accounts that it claims to have retrieved in plaintext...
  9. C

    Yahoo Mail and BSNL

    Hello, I am using BSNL 600 c plan. I am not able to access from any of my browsers since 3 months. Even earlier i had problems accessing Yahoo mail. It only opens through Opera turbo which is a proxy, its ip address is My ip starts from 117.x.x.x. At the time of...
  10. socrates

    Yahoo fires CEO Carol Bartz

    And its shares climb as a result Yahoo fires CEO Carol Bartz | News | TechRadar UK What Yahoo needs now is an innovator. Boo-hoo at Yahoo as Bartz departs. What Yahoo needs now is an innovator | News | TechRadar UK
  11. lm2k

    yahoo mail password recovery

    hi friends just about 2 weeks back nearly everyone in my address book of yahoo mail started asking about an email(containing a invalid link) that i never sent and now when i try to log in to my account it says "ivalid id or password". i tried this on different pcs but got the same error so...
  12. S

    problem with yahoo mail

    recently i got strange problem in yahoo mail,i created folder jap to save my mail,but i found other folder @c@chat wich was not create by me,so how to remove that folder @c@chat,what is this?
  13. Sarath

    [SOLVED] Weird Chrome brower problem

    For a few days i.e ever since I installed chrome on my new PC running on Windows 7 I have realised that something is wrong. The experience kept deteriorating to an extent where now many web sites are unable to function properly. I will state them below: YOUTUBE: Videos dont load. First day...
  14. nisargshah95

    My sister's FB and Yahoo accounts hacked. Need some legal help.

    Hello people, now I really need your help this time. My sister's Facebook and Yahoo accounts were hacked recently and when I try to recover the Yahoo account using alternate email, I find that the alternate email address had instead of (which was the extension of her...
  15. J

    anybody experiencing the same with Yahoo...

    Whenever I try to open the yahoo web-page or yahoo mail the page does not open fully(limited graphics limited links almost a simple white page with links) ...tried 3 explorers (IE 8 (used compatibility option also) , Firefox 3.6, Opera 11) but no success....whereas other sites are f9 to work...
  16. D

    Yahoo messanger Problem

    hi. i just installed latest version of yahoo messanger i found 1 strange problem if i m chatting with some one and i type message in previous version it goes to the person with whom i m chatting ( I mean reciever person box in which what ever i typed shown ) But now after installing the...
  17. Kishal

    yahoo mail beta on opera

    Just wanted to ask this. does anyone know a way to run yahoo mail beta on opera :?:
  18. R

    Facebook, yahoo, gmail not opening in firefox

    Facebook, yahoo, gmail not opening in
  19. patkim

    Spams from Yahoo groups

    Off lately I am noticing Spam or junk mails sent by someone from my registered yahoo group member list to others. The links mentioned therein are junk and it is very clear that my known friends won’t be sending out such mails. I get a feel that somehow spams are being sent from someone’s yahoo...
  20. Jack_Vorobey

    IMCapture for yahoo messenger

    Hello, guys! I found an excellent prog for yahoo messenger. It's IMCapture (IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger). It allows to keep good memories of all conversations both voice and video, so you will always be able to enjoy them again and again any time. It allows you to save all messages typed so...
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