1. A

    Which one is the best messaging app for business communication and collaboration?

    Hi everyone! Of late, our company has been looking for a communications tool as there has been some limitation with all the tools that we have used in the past. Recently we came across ALERainbow - a communication and collaboration platform powered by Alcatel-Lucent. This is one communication...
  2. A

    Free Messaging App

    Hi friends, I am Andrew. I am getting a lot of emails about free messaging Apps like Viber and way2sms. Are these Apps genuine? And is it true that they will give you free messaging service or is it just a spam? Regards, Andrew
  3. N

    Problem with Windows 8 Apps

    Some of my Windows 8 (metro) apps have stopped working all of a sudden. Effecting apps as of now are "Photos" / "Yahoo Mail" / "Calender" / "Messaging". Clicking them simply returns to start screen again :-(
  4. M

    Best blackberry plan for me?

    Hi friends i would like to buy a cheap blackberry phone as my second phone. I prefer it bcoz of its great keyboard and optical trackpad.So my question is that what is the best blackberry service plan for me. My needs are Social network update Instant messaging like Gtalk,msn yahoo If...
  5. R

    phone for dad

    good looking business class mobile. preferably nokia . dual sim compulsary . no touchscreen.will be used ONLY FOR MAKING CALLS AND MESSAGING. no budget.
  6. A

    Looking for a Feature phone in budget 6-8 thousand

    Hi Guys I m looking for a mobile in the budget of 6-8 thousand for a Friend. Main uses will be music, lots of messaging, facebook and occasional photos. I have seen Samsung Galaxy Y screen is small for messaging. and Android will be complex for her. I have zero down some phone which could...
  7. pauldmps

    Nokia C5 launched in India

    Source:- 3G Enabled Nokia C5 Launched in India for Rs.7999 Worlds leading Mobile Handset giant Nokia has launched new 3G enabled handsets – the Nokia C5 – designed with its Messaging Service and social networking tools in the Indian market at Rs.7999. The Nokia C5 is a Symbian series...
  8. K

    Battery Problem in Samsung CorbyPro..

    I bought samsung CorbyPro last week.. at normal usage, battery lasts only for 1.5 days.. even after recharging fully.. i wont use mp3 player, FM or net. just messaging.. still i'm getting only 1.5 days!! so do i need to replace battery from service centre??
  9. S

    IM settings for Nokia 6233

    Hi guys, I have a nokia 6233 and i would like to know how to download the settings for the inbuilt IM(Instant Messaging) client to use it with yahoo. Thanks in advance. -Sai
  10. R

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?
  11. vasulic

    Need a Phone for Group messaging

    Hi Guys Pls Suggest me a cheapest phone with group messaging ( like in nokia N73) .
  12. Krazy_About_Technology

    Coming soon: First Windows Mobile phone from Sony Ericsson

    At Mobile World Congress 2008, on february 10, Microsoft Corp. announced that Sony Ericsson will deliver a new Windows Mobile phone, the XPERIA™ X1, which blends mobile Web communication and multimedia entertainment, to meet consumer demand for a premium mobile experience for work and play...
  13. A

    Sony PSP To Have Skype Instant Messaging

    Sony PSP will soon have skype... Source:* More info here:*
  14. M

    Red Hat's New Business Software

    Red Hat on Tuesday unveiled software that combines messaging, real-time and grid capabilities for enterprises that need an OS that can process messages and transactions at lightning speed, such as those in the financial services industry. Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Messaging, Realtime and Grid)...
  15. K

    GPRS EDGE Phone for Yahoo chatting

    Hi guys, I need to buy a EDGE enabled phone primarily for Yahoo Messenger (on Airtel). I will be here in India just for a month, so I need something cheap. I have a SE W880 which is not supported by Airtel instant messaging. Any suggestions from instant messaging users will be greatly...
  16. vasulic

    Nokia N80 or Nokia N73

    hi guys , now Iam confused between Nokia n80 & n73me . Connectivity, camera,fm radio and group messaging are my prime factors.
  17. shantanu

    The Age of Software-Powered Communications :Bill Gates

    The Text i am going to produce to you all is from Sir William Henry Gates III (Bill Gates). This is a email sent to some subscriber, found it a good read so posted.. PS : i hope we can have a clean thread here without any comments from anti-Microsoft or gates. source : my email ...
  18. D

    ONE MONTH old Motorola L6i

    hello friends. i wud like to sell my MOTOROLA L6i (OXIDISED GREY-Silver) which is rarely used and doesnt even have one scratch on it. you can check that before u buy. i had purchased this Cell phone when i bot my Z5300 speakers and dint had any more money to buy a smart phone. but later...
  19. Gigacore

    What will do often in ur Mobile Phone?

    these days cellphones can do more than talking and messaging. so what else will you do? :D
  20. B

    SE w800i - increase messaging space somehow

    hi guys i own a SE W800i everythiong's extremely good but now im getting short of the messaging space is there some way to increase the msging space provided in the fone plzzzzzz somehow it has a 512mb card but msging space is nearly 180 msgs[approx]
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