1. Flash

    What're the APPS which you use daily on your PC?

    What are the Applications which you use (often)on your PC? Let me share mine. PC maintenance/Health - CCleaner/Glary Utilities/Tuneup/Defraggler/HD Sentinel Media - WMP/VLC/Bsplayer Security - 360 Total Security Search - Instant File Find, Everything Media editing - Photoshop Browser -...
  2. cute.bandar Instant Programming Help . My node.js experiment - answers are good! Its a straightforward search utility for programmers and linux users and its main USP is that instead of just showing a list of links it also attempts to show question and its answers. Note: you can scroll through the questions using arrow keys (when the...
  3. ssdivisiongermany1933

    "Kaka" Rajesh Khanna passes away

    Rajesh Khanna is no more after being critically ill from last few months. He breathed his last in the presence of his ex-wife Dimple Kapadia, daughters Rinkie and Twinkle, son-in-law Akshay Kumar, grand children and close relatives. From the dizzying heights of fame to quiet shadows behind...
  4. curioustechy

    instant messaging in LAN

    Suppose there are 10 computers having connection between them by means of LAN. Is there any means to send instant messages from one computer to another.... Just like google chat. I want my msg to pop up on my sender's computer
  5. M

    [For Sale] Kingston DDR2 800MHZ 2gbx2

    Hi guys i am selling my ddr2 ram 800 mhz perfectly working condition. Actual price: 1400x2=2800 Selling Price: 900x2= 1800 free shipping Could go down a couple of hundreds less if instant deal to close. Pm me for best offer.
  6. A


    I'm not aware if it exists already The forum should have a IRC channel for instant support
  7. fatalcore

    Instant upgrade.Today itself.Right now.

    An entire PC crashed in the afternoon . So need a instant upgrade today itself. Standing at shop , posting through mobile. Please help me fast. AMD Config. Procy+Mobo+Ram=10,000 Plz suggest. Dont wait for my reply , keep suggesting as fast as possible.
  8. leo61611616

    Google Instant Enables Keyboard Navigation

    Google Instant gets two new enhancements: keyboard navigation and Instant is now enabled for searches done from left panel. Keyboard Navigation: You can now use the up/down/left/right arrow keys and the Enter key to quickly navigate through Google Instant Search. Instant enabled in left...
  9. A

    network usage when nothing's working

    I have airtel gprs connection and am using it on XP. I have noticed it quite a few times that the icon in the system tray shows network usage even though there is no program as such running. Is there any software which can tell me which processes are using internet at any instant? Please...
  10. toofan

    How many of you think Digit should start Instant messanger?

    Hello friends, I had come up with an idea(If its not posted by anyone earlier) that for better helping and supporting each other don't you think that there should be a Instant Messenger by Digit. Please give your views and ideas about this. And tell how many of you agree to me. Also please...
  11. F

    XOOM to Instant Cash

    Hi, Today I sent myself $400 via Xoom. I sent the funds to Xoom via paypal and selected Instant Cash as payment pickup method. Later i discovered that you cant send funds to yourself using instant cash. Xoom has cancelled the transaction and refund is in progress. I want to know if i...
  12. ax3

    Will Instant Messaging Overtake E-Mail ??

    Instant messaging (IM) is set to overtake e-mail as the preferred form of business communication by the second half of 2010, according to research by IDC. The research, sponsored by Nortel, found that this is because hyperconnected individuals are becoming 'addicted to the instant...
  13. mohanty1942

    Instant Messaging from Linux to WinXP

    Mine has fedora 8 (Digit Feb 08 DVD) installed & my friend has WinXPSP2 in the other building (Both are connected by LAN (ips are & . We can ping each other . Also am able to access internet (currently using) by specifying my friend's machine as proxy server. Now...
  14. dotcommakers

    e90 question

    hello friends i am planning to buy e90 in near future.. can any one give me idea or link for "instant messenger" feature in e90.. i have checked all features demo just this one left i know the softwares like agile [ i have purchased that!!]. I was just talking about "instant messaging"...
  15. R

    instant Email Notification does not work

    On this forum, I never get instant Email Notification even when I have that option selected. In my user CP I see all the subscribed thread but do not get email at all, I have checked my spam folder too but no email from thinkdigit forums. Anyone else have the same problem?
  16. hailgautam

    Can I configure E61i to use google talk as instant messenger

    like many mobile phones there is an option of using instant messenger in E61i that i got recently. I was wondering if I could configure to use the instant messenger feature to chat on google talk. if any one has any idea please let me know.
  17. anil_jatni

    Sony Ericsson w300i for sale

    I got this phone on My birthday and want to sell it because i already bought a new nokia phone. :) :) GeneralNetworkGSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900Announced2006, FebruaryStatusAvailableSizeDimensions90 x 47 x 24 mmWeight94 gDisplayTypeTFT, 256K colorsSize128 x 160 pixels - Second...
  18. K

    GPRS EDGE Phone for Yahoo chatting

    Hi guys, I need to buy a EDGE enabled phone primarily for Yahoo Messenger (on Airtel). I will be here in India just for a month, so I need something cheap. I have a SE W880 which is not supported by Airtel instant messaging. Any suggestions from instant messaging users will be greatly...
  19. alsiladka

    Before They Spoiled the Software - 13 app we liked better before they were "improved"

    Source - PC World Sometimes a program's new version is actually worse than the previous one. Here are 13 apps we liked better before they were "improved"--plus tips on finding the earlier editions. I am not posting the whole article as it is spread over many pages, but just the apps...
  20. anandk

    Chat with everyone, everywhere

    "Instant messaging clients have been growing ever more popular with Web users for more than a decade now. In terms of modern IM clients, ICQ kicked off the party with in 1996 and AOL Instant Messenger followed soon after. Both Yahoo and Microsoft soon got into the act with Yahoo Messenger...
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