1. kool

    How to deactivate FACEBOOK more than 7 days ? :(

    Hi guys, I am wasting too much time on facebook, I want to deactivate for more than 7 Days (till diwali), but now there is no such option. :( It gets reactivated after 7 days, what If I use other option to deactivate , will it delete my account permanently ? At present i have deactivated...
  2. ramakanta

    Which [IM] Telegram Channels are you Joined ?

    I have joined :lol:
  3. meetdilip

    Bluestack : Store not found

    I have a 64 bit Windows 7 installation and tried Bluestacks App Player on it. It got installed properly. I can even see WhatsApp messenger icon. But when I click on it says " No store available ". Can anyone please suggest an alternative or solution ?
  4. A

    Need help in Facebook

    hi guys. I want to use the smileys in fb chat(other than the basic ones) just like i did in yahoo messenger. how to ?:shock:
  5. Ricky

    BBM for Android and iOS

    Any BBM user here ? source Now what will happy .. will people will throw away there BlackBerry because they were using it only for the sack of BBM as now on their new Android or IOS they can use BBM without actually using BlackBerry phone.. ? OR BlackBerry will get some benefit...
  6. Desmond

    Microsoft to retire Messenger, replace it with Skype

  7. Q

    Good news!!Qute Messenger is free for your phone!!

    Hi, this is Rita from Qute Messenger Team. I’m here to introduce you to our latest product Qute Messenger and I'll be here taking questions and providing info about Qute Messenger.:pray: Qute is a free social networking app that allows you to send SMS, voice messages, emoticons and pictures...
  8. anish_sha

    Reliance Gsm Sucks blood....!! !

    Took a new connection when i reached here in mumbai, Got it recharged with 99 rupees recharge for gprs to use it my phone to check mail and messenger, also recharged with 400 rupees which fetch me some 372 or so TT and some promo of 28.. today morning when i woke up my balance is RS.0.06, called...
  9. ax3

    Messenger All in 1 ! ! !

    any1 using messenger which supports all clients [msn,yahoo,facebook etc] on desktop ???
  10. R2K

    How to uninstall windows messenger 4.7 from windows XP SP3

    I have a windows Xp Sp3 based system at my work place. Due to some odd reason the Windows messenger 4.7 which was already included with windows shows up everytime when the system boot. As i don't use it i want to remove it from the system. I tried to disable it from startup program entries but...
  11. Jack_Vorobey

    IMCapture for yahoo messenger

    Hello, guys! I found an excellent prog for yahoo messenger. It's IMCapture (IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger). It allows to keep good memories of all conversations both voice and video, so you will always be able to enjoy them again and again any time. It allows you to save all messages typed so...
  12. Pragadheesh

    Saving yahoo or google video chat

    Hi, how can i save a video chat done using yahoo messenger or gmail.? Thanks in advance.
  13. leo61611616

    Yahoo Messenger for Android, iPhone to Support Video Calling

    According to comments of David Katz, Yahoo's VP of Mobile, Yahoo will soon be offering versions of Yahoo Messenger that will support video calling. The Yahoo Messenger app will be free and allow Android and iPhone users to conduct video chats. It would support video calls between devices and...
  14. paroh

    India has access to BlackBerry messenger service - govt The government has manual access to Canadian Research in Motion's BlackBerry messenger services and is hopeful of getting automated access from January 1, a top official said on Friday. India, which along...
  15. leo61611616

    Full Version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is Out

    Microsoft has released full version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There is also a lighter version available for Windows XP. Live Essentials for Windows 7 and Vista has Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail, Messenger, Writer, Mesh (formerly known as Sync), Family...
  16. avtarkaint

    problem in login in yahoo messenger

    friends whenever i tried to login in yahoo messenger i get this error my net connection is ok gtalk is working fine rest all ok but i m un able to login i can log in through yahoomail but not from messenger . i have tried the latest version also but same proble. please help me ..........
  17. Rockstar11

    Make firefox default browser for msn messenger

    I am currently using MSN Messenger 8.5, and I've got Mozilla Firefox 3.0.19 set as my default browser. Every time I open a link in my MSN messenger, it opens the Internet Explorer :mad: Is there any way I can use Firefox as my default browser for MSN IM? :(
  18. bhushan2k

    Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta leaked screenshots

    After a year when Microsoft made available the download for Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 9.0 (2009), Microsoft had already started the development of Wave 4 built. Even though Microsoft has shared information regarding to it very insufficiently, almost nothing, leaked screenshots have appeared...
  19. M

    i cant able to download or install MSN Messenger, OS:Windows 7 U

    Dear experts, my second issue, is that, as i am using the Windows 7 Ultimate, i am not able to download or install MSN Messenger, i am hardly need to use this messenger, pls be kind to give me a solution, or even a direct downloading link. also, i would like to know more about the...
  20. H

    Could there be a way to remove ur ID/name from another's yahoo messenger ?

    I sent my yahoo messenger list to a friend who sent to another friend and so on, result being I find myself on many peoples list and without thinking I accepted their request to add me... some messages I get are such that I do not want to mention here and with advts., and blocking the ID that...
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