Can anyone beat these speeds ???

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i m posting some screenshots which i took since last few weeks showing speeds with which i can download.... I M NOT BRAGGING.. but just to show tht BSNL aint that bad... i mean, their CC sucks but they offer speeds wat they promise u to.

Orbit Downloader Speeds:

uTorrent Downloading Speeds:

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LoLz, amitava, spare us the "resident" Indian net users please :p

*Note to all: Never put your speed comparison with his monster :D


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I'm using BSNL Home 500 plan. I don't have a screenshot ATM, but here's my experience FWIW :

Average - 200 KB/s (usually 150-250 KB/s)
On a bad day - 60-70 KB/s
Sometimes - 250-300 KB/s
Occasionally - 350-400 KB/s
A very few times - 700+ KB/s !!
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