1. M

    Suggest a Workhorse Laptop for Coding and Occasional Gaming

    I currently have an HP- P077TX.I'm selling this since HP really sucks. i mean realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sucks...................... #1 DOA 1st Piece #2 Display Issue #3 Replaced HDD in 6months #4 Charging too much for replacing a single key(1800INR)- i still have the key. #4...
  2. Charley

    Best Unlimited Broadband in Bangalore

    I have the BSNL 1 mbps till 8 gb post 8gb 512 kbps unlimited plan. It sucks I need a faster plan, like 1 mbps speed with unlimited download and upload. Any suggestions?
  3. D

    Recommendation for a new graphics card

    Hi there, So here's my current setup. Processor: Intel i3 2100 at 3GHz Motherboard: Intel DH67BL RAM: 4GB at 667 MHz (Yes it sucks !) Single DIMM SMPS: Antec VP550P Current Graphics Card: Radeon HD6850 Manufacturer: Sapphire Overclocked: Yes (Manually, using Trixx) Monitor: 1080p BENQ...
  4. H

    Leaked The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay.

    * Can't say I expected anything better.
  5. F

    Pantech Burst

    Hey guys! Im going to the US, and I am gonna be buying a Pantech Burst there.. Im kinda an ultranoob in Mobiles.. more of a PC savvy guy.. so please dont mind. :P I was wondering if I buy it in the US what all I have to do to use it in India, will I face any problems or anything? And...
  6. C

    Ports on the front panel don't work

    The audio and mic port on the front panel of my cabinet don't work. However the USB ports work fine. All the cables seem to be connected at right places, but still they won't work. What could be the problem? My computer guy's service sucks, he won't reply to the complaint immediately so I'm...
  7. AVT

    [Query] got offered for Gigabyte h77ds3h -- A h67ausb3-b3 mobo (Gigabyte). Is that okay ?

    is that fair value ? I know its a older generation board but will it have problems working with ivy bridge and gtx 6xx cards ? It sucks that they could not give the same model number but I bought it in September and they are giving me a new board in November so I m having some doubts?
  8. X

    Converting phone memory from FAT to FAT32

    Hey DiGitian, Before posting this i have searched on web and even in the diGit itself, but couldn't find any thing which would have been worked for me. The problem is that i am having a cell phone whose internal memory is just 50Kbs (which really sucks) & i plugged my cellphone in my PC and...
  9. V

    Very Important. MSI/Sapphire/XFX

    There are so many sub-categories in ATI Radeon and nVidia. Which one out of them is good? Some say XFX, include my dealer, say it rocks, whereas, others say it sucks.. They're on opposite sides. my dealer says sapphire sucks and xfx rocks, where the rest of the world, vice-versa. Someone...
  10. D

    Help me choose a good ISP

    Hii i live in New Delhi and currently using airtel broadband but it really sucks so i am thinking of migrating to new ISP so please someone suggest me some good ISP so i can surf web Freely. there customer care sucks, they change the plan on their own without customer confirmation. i want...
  11. saurabh_1e

    so easy to crack win 7 password!!!!!!!movig to linux right now.........

    It took my Lil bro 1 min to remove my password; cmd>type net user (name of the account) now press space+shift+* and then enter viola really this sucks man!!!!!! windows ki @#%^^&^&$#%(O@# moving to linux(just a lil driver problem will tackle it)
  12. Nemes!s

    any QuakeLive players ?

    Hi guys.......... :-o I wanted to touch base Indian Quake Live players, Please mention ur name and profile name. And also any suggestion to get India server ? My ping sucks on Japan and UK servers :machinegun:, but I prefer Maidenhead server.:thumbs: My intro Name : Yogesh Profile ...
  13. G

    why KDE Sucks

    Obsessed with K-K3B,KONQUEROR,K*** FIREFoX on kde sucks Nvidia driver support is not good Konqueror is slow very less tools for kde dolphin cannot mount xp hdd..without manual fstab entry kde 64 octave has bugs...memory prob n cant start i had lot of -ve exp with kde...donno bad system or...
  14. A

    Download Manager

    Hey frnds can u tell me a good download manager for Fedora 12. Currently i have firefox, but downloading through it sucks. :shock:.Also I m using GNOME.
  15. fun2sh

    Unlimited GPRS in Karnataka

    So which cellular operator is providing unlimited grps in karnataka either monthly or daily basis ? I wanna take a new sim so i need if there is any , coz i think almost all have shifted to pay per kb system . Really that sucks .
  16. Revolution

    BSNL Sucks !!!

    I don't know where shoud I post this.....:rolleyes: I got new BSNL DataOne connection but,I can't connect. I get an error (678 error) when I insert my id and password. My modem is 'Siemens C2110'. It shows all 4 lights is on(,data,lan or usb). I have registered a complain to...
  17. S

    Browser Problem ..... Sucks....

    I have marked from few days I cant open sites like , , ,, and of course Wikipedia is also there in queue. And many times there is also problem in opening yahoo mail and some google search results. IE used to show "Cannot find....." things...
  18. jal_desai

    Can anyone beat these speeds ???

    i m posting some screenshots which i took since last few weeks showing speeds with which i can download.... I M NOT BRAGGING.. but just to show tht BSNL aint that bad... i mean, their CC sucks but they offer speeds wat they promise u to. Orbit Downloader Speeds: uTorrent Downloading...
  19. hahahari

    Tata Indicom Broadband Sucks big time.

    I used to have airtel unlimited but went to tataindicom. Those sneaky S0B's stole the money right out of my pocket. Never go for tata indicom broadband. Go for airtel if U cant then BSNL is a hell of a lot better than Tata Indicom.:mad: Read about the whole problem here:Tata Indicom Sucks Big...
  20. Pathik

    Red theme, anyone?

    By any chance, do any of you like the red theme now? I have started liking it now. Seriously. It aint that bad. :D Am I normal?? :p The Ad placement sucks though.
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