1. Charley

    Summer Surprise offer from Reliance Jio

    Latest news from Jio is that if anyone does a single recharges for Rs.303, it is valid till June 30. What will happen to those people who recharged for Rs.149 and want the Rs.303 offer?
  2. S

    GRE Admission Counseling Programs

    Are there good training institutes which offer GRE Admission Counseling Programs?
  3. L

    Place to assemble Gaming PC in chennai.

    I'm looking to get a gaming PC(Budget 62k) assembled in the next two weeks.I find the prices in relatively less compared to what amazon India and Flipkart offer. Can anyone suggest me any offline store based out of Chennai that offer competitive prices for PC components and...
  4. D

    Washing machine brand recommendation

    Please suggest a good and reliable brand for washing machine. I want to purchase this model, so i buy it? Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ One more doubt i have, they have a exchange offer also, my machine is very old but working will they accept it?
  5. A

    coupons for myntra

    Do people like to practice promotional codes for online shopping? What is the reason? How can I get the coupons for myntra with an exciting offer? - - - Updated - - - If you could acquire any skill, what would you choose?
  6. A

    mobile exchange advice

    Help me choose between Moto G turbo ans Asus zen Max 32 GB in an exchange offer on flipkart.The Moto i read overheats.what is a LTE sim type phone,is it a normal sim
  7. A

    Community of Digit, what brands would you recommend and who would you advice against?

    So, what PC component brands do you have a good experience with and recommend? Or have bad memories of would advice against?! Ps. if your from Kolkata I want details! I'm setting shop here, selling Gaming PCs. edited for clarity.
  8. V

    Want to buy note 4

    I want to buy note 4 next month.. 91 mobiles has put 15% cashback offer money refunded within 4 weeks... Is the offer a hoax or did someone buy using the coupon... Please help
  9. D

    Should I go for Ruby on Rails internship

    I've completed B.E Computer Science this year. I want to make career mainly in Java development. But as of now I've received offer for an internship in Ruby on Rails development. So my queries are as follows : 1) I am thinking both the sides. a) If I accept the offer I will get to learn a...
  10. P

    WINDOWS 10 on MSI Gaming Notebooks

    GAME BETTER with WINDOWS 10 on MSI Gaming Notebooks MSI is the first in the world to offer Windows 10 and brings gamers amazing DirectX12 3D effects with better gaming experience Taipei, Taiwan – MSI, the leading gaming notebook manufacturer and innovator, today announces that MSI...
  11. kg11sgbg

    The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick with Windows-8.1

    Well,Guys I don't know how many of mini PC enthusiasts are here,but I shall be waiting for some few months and take a plunge for having one. The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick. I already bought a Philips 22PFL3758 FHD Smart TV ,through an exchange offer,in lieu of my old Analog CRT BPL TV. What...
  12. @

    Suggest me a beginner level telescope

    I wanted to buy a Telescope and had kept postponing. Now PayTM has a offer going on, about 40% off, which makes it a sweet deal. Looking for a beginner telescope. Can anyone suggest me something? It's mostly for astronomical viewing ( but terrestrial view wouldn't hurt. ) Don't need a smaller...
  13. rickenjus

    BSNL launches new unlimited broadband plan for Hyderabad. Introduces 1GB email account

    Source - BSNL launches new unlimited broadband plan for Hyderabad. Introduces 1GB email account Why don't BSNL bring such good plans to others states, would jump on 995 plan, without a second thought, if they do. Fed up with BSNL's 750 plan offering shitty .5 mbps speed.
  14. V

    Moto G 2014 @ flipkart

    This week, Flipkart is offering 2k for my 3-year-old Samsung Galaxy Y. There will be a charge for collecting old phone. Not sure how much. Can i get more than 2k for my old phone elsewhere? A quick check on olx reveals similar range of 1.5 to 2.5k. The offer is on buying Moto G 2014...
  15. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Reliance Jio showcases its Internet plans on a preview portal, plans starting at Rs 1

    We have been hearing since long that Reliance Jio will offer Internet at ultra-affordable prices but nothing concrete has come out so far, but the wait is over. Reliance Jio has showcased its Internet plans on their preview portal. The preview website claims that Reliance Jio will be offering...
  16. M

    Benq Warranty buying from Infibeam

    I want to buy a new Benq Monitor,Infibeam has great offers.Snapdeal and Flipkart does not ship to my location. Have anyone brought monitors from Infibeam and does Benq Honour the Warranty for products bought from there? Plus Benq offer warranty from date of manufacture,will i get an old...
  17. D

    RAM Config Question

    I have Kingston Hyper X Blue 1600 4 GB RAM currently in my machine. I am planning to upgrade it if I see some offer online. My question is Do I need to take same brand RAM or I can take any brand but with 1600 speed only?
  18. M

    Negative Experience No mention of offer in "Track Orde" or Email

    I Ordered a Lenovo Laptop Backpack B450 for 1199. * Screenshot in the spoiler it had offer "Get free Yatra Voucher redeemable on domestic flights and hotel bookings, worth Rs. 750 on purchase of this...
  19. G

    Is Samsung's Stay New Offer good?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I want to ask you about the Samsung's Stay New offer, where a person can buy some highend phones of Samsung with just zero down payment and can pay the amount in emi's.I want to know Is it worth if somebody wants to buy a handset like Note 3, as I have seen Note 3...
  20. A

    kindle cloud reader app

    downloaded this on win 8 from chrome store-does it offer any free reading and offliine reading for kids
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