1. din

    Ankit Fadia - A Promise in Digital Intelligence

    So you guys thought Ankit Fadia is not a nice guy, his claims are false, he is not a real hacker etc ? Shame on you guys, how dare you think like that ? He is A Promise in Digital Intelligence LOL :D Before you get angry on me, click on the thumbnail below and that is what the students...
  2. T

    RelianceNetConnect Broadband?REview..

    Reliance have announced their launch of their new high speed broadband internet through a USB..and the service is launched in select cities.. Have anyone brought and tried this..? Hows the Speed.?? do they promise to their word of 3.1 Mbps..?!!8) Please Share your views...Is it better than...
  3. jal_desai

    Can anyone beat these speeds ???

    i m posting some screenshots which i took since last few weeks showing speeds with which i can download.... I M NOT BRAGGING.. but just to show tht BSNL aint that bad... i mean, their CC sucks but they offer speeds wat they promise u to. Orbit Downloader Speeds: uTorrent Downloading...
  4. MetalheadGautham

    Electronica Beats by me !

    Hi All! I have been using a software called hydrogen for a long time. It helps me to create beats and sequence them. here is a sample I made, its not very good, but anyway, here it is for you all: 1. J.A.M. ======================================== more to...
  5. K

    Have any problem, ask konstAnt?

    Hey guyz if you have any problem then you can ask konstAnt for the help.... I promise to help you within 1 hr of posting your problem and that's a promise of a craker..... Have pun;):cool::lol:
  6. Y

    Any body knows the DATE?

    Hi.. I am again asking a question which is already much asked. WHEN THE HELL IS OBLIVION GOING TO BE RELEASED...?????????? Bethesda makes gr8 games no doubt.. but can't they promise their fans a suitable date to wait for their game... Anybody if knows...the best rumour then plz reply
  7. J

    Hotmail's 250MB promise?

    Mods, pls forgive if this is in the wrong section.. :wink: Well, what of it? The promise, I mean.. I was sent a message by them, and told in no unclear terms, that I would be the proud owner of a 250MB hotmail-box by Christmas 2004.. I waited till 2005, to no avail... :P Anyway, I'd...
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